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Amara is holding her new doll named Emily

Just before Christmas Amara got the most wonderful, handmade doll from her Aunt Suzi who lives in Arizona. She named the doll Emily Suzi and they are now best friends! Emily is one of a kind, made with lots of special love, over-sized rag doll! Even Amara’s Daddy couldn’t get over how tall she is. Aunt Suzi made her the cutest pink and yellow flowered dress with a bright yellow apron — all hand made!

Amara likes reading books to her new doll Emily.

She even came with a change of clothes so of course the first thing Amara did  was change them! Next, the two of them laid on Amara’s bed so that Amara could read to her. I am still so impressed with how well Amara reads. The girls had lots of fun in Amara’s room playing together while I cooked dinner. Emily met all of the other stuffed animals.

Amara gave a tea party for Emily and invited all of her stuffed friends.

Amara had a wonderful tea party and Emily was the guest of honor. Grampy and I weren’t even invited, but I did peek in and take pictures. It was as if Amara had someone besides us to play with while she was here. When I was little, I had tons of cousins to play with when I visited my grandparents. Amara’s Mommy had many cousins to play with, too even if some of them were really children of my cousins. Does that make them second or third cousins or what? I never could figure that stuff out so we just lumped them all into one group – cousins – aka, other kids to play with! Amara doesn’t have that when she comes to visit us so Emily is a welcome addition to the family.

Amara is pretending to be sleeping and Emily is next to her

Emily officially lives at Amara’s house. She has met Spot and Kitty. She loves Amara’s room. Emily has come over and spent the night with us a couple of times since Amara got her. I now know that Emily is afraid of the dark. If she gets tired and needs a nap during the evening while Amara is here – we have to leave the bathroom light on for her so that she won’t be afraid if she wakes up. Emily gets lonely if left alone so she is glad that we have all sorts of stuffed animals to help keep her company. Emily likes to watch movies with us, too! We put her in one of the chairs in the front room while we have dinner so that she won’t get messy. Our family has grown.

Amara put all the labels on the envelopes

On New Year’s Eve Amara and Emily helped me get the New Year’s cards ready to mail. They did all the work. I am always running behind at Christmas so I like doing New Year’s cards. I had printed the address and the return labels before they got here. I’d even gotten Christmas stamps. Amara put all of them on, with some help from Emily. She then stuffed all the cards and sealed them. Again, Emily helped.  I took pictures!

Amara and Emily walked to the mailbox

The next morning the three of us took the cards to the mailbox. It was fun listening to Amara tell Emily all about the neighborhood. Emily isn’t very good at walking yet so Grandma had to help carry her part of the time. I didn’t mind. Emily and Amara were here last night. It was so cute when I peeked in to check on her and she was hugging Emily and sound a sleep. Wish I could have taken a photo but the memory is burned in my head.

There is another great Emily story from this weekend but I am hoping I can get Grampy to tell you that one.

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9 thoughts on “Meet Emily

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Emily is a lovely addition to the family. And what a great friend for Amara!

    Regarding the last photo you wished to have taken, my middle daughter — years ago when she was quite young — commented when I lamented not having my camera with me for some photo opp that “It’s okay, we’ll just take a picture with our heart.” Sounds like that’s just what you did!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author


      I love that – A picture with my heart. I have lots of those especially of her Mom from back in the day where you had to have film developed. Missed many shots back them. Aren’t we lucky now?

  2. Sandy Siegel

    What sweet memories! And what a wonderful addition to the family.

    Hurry Grampy! Let’s hear the next story!!


  3. Janet

    Tucker said that is a big doll. He wishes it was warm here so he can get outside and ride his bike. Emily Suzi is beautiful. Aunt Suzi is so talented. Loved what Lisa’s daughter said, “we’ll just take a picture with our heart.” What a beautiful thing to say. Tell Grampy we are all waiting. 🙂

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Thanks Everyone! I have sent all your requests to Grampy! Let’s see if he comes through for us.

      Janet, tell Tucker that Amara wishes there was snow outside for her to play in! We always want what we can’t have, right? Her parents are taking her to the snow next weekend — she is very excited.

  4. Grandma Lizzie

    How fun to have a doll like Emily and to keep it at your house makes it even more special. My 38 year old daughter has a stuffed animal that she received as a child that she still has. She shares it with her children now. It’s amazing the memories that can be recalled from such a simple and inexpensive treasure.

  5. Susan Adcox

    I had a doll similar to Emily that I held onto and handed down to my daughter. Then I had a son who ran amok with a permanent marker–and my dolly was never the same.

  6. Joan Stommen

    What a precious story! Amara has the best imagination and is so creative…having Emily meet her other ‘friends’ and be part of your family routines is huge! And she is quite unique….oversized and kinda raggedy…but cute as a button! 🙂
    I agree…..some of the best photos ever taken are pictures only captured in the heart!
    I love your idea of New Year’s cards…what a nice surprise after the holidays to receive a greeting instead of bills and junk!


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