Snowball fights in the living room

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 5th, 2011 12 Replies

This is another episode from Previously on Amara from March of 2008. She wasn’t quite 4 years old yet. With so much of this country waist deep in snow and with Southern California expecting a balmy 72° today, it seemed like good timing!

I grew up in Michigan where the winters are very cold and where snowball fights were something we loved as kids — even as grownups. In Southern California we almost NEVER get snow. And I like it that way! If I never see snow again, that is OK with me.

Of course Amara feels much differently. A couple of years ago her preschool teacher taught the class how to have snowball fights without ever getting cold or wet. You make your snowballs out of waxed paper! They fly very well when you throw them, unlike snowballs made from Kleenex which don’t fly well at all. These snowballs won’t break anything if they miss their target and hit something valuable. And you can stock up a whole pile of them before you call Grandpa in from the office and bombard him with snowballs!

Amara throwing a snowball

This really was a lot of fun and gave her a chance to practice throwing and to run around and giggle with Grandpa. She’s coming over tonight. Maybe we should "get Grampy" again! I’ve got lots of waxed paper.

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12 thoughts on “Snowball fights in the living room

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Silly computers! Sometimes they just have a mind of their own. Thanks for visiting — sure am glad I don’t have your snow!

  1. Susan Adcox

    I would have never thought of waxed paper snowballs, but when we were kids we used to take waxed paper to the playground and sit on it while we slid down the slide. After a few rounds, you can really fly! My husband tried this with the grandsons last summer. It still works if you can find an old-fashioned slide made of metal. Now, I’m not really recommending this as I wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. . . but just saying!

  2. Nona Nita

    The highlight of Hannah’s next sleepover at Nona’s will be a snowball fight in the living room and then we will stockpile them for when he daddy comes to pick her up in the morning. Thanks for the creative and fun idea!

  3. Joyce

    I see you guys had a blast without spending nearly a penny! Our family loves snowball fights too but we throw the stuffed fleece ones I bought – not cheap, but still really, REALLY fun! Everybody, from a 2 year old girl to 85 year old Papou get into the act and as you have demonstrated here, they are the best family fun ever! And poor Grampy! Always getting “ambushed” by “the girls!” (Like he doesn’t love it or anything!)

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Time for me to try this with my grandsons. When you first posted it, Bubby wouldn’t have been able to fling a ball, waxed paper or not. I have a feeling it will now be a blast (despite Mac likely being the victim of repeated hits, I’m sure).


  5. Connie

    Well I didn’t know that about the waxed paper. Fun idea, and it uses up some kid energy too. I will remember this one. Thanks for linking up with 🙂


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