A Three-Peat Repeat

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 12th, 2012 10 Replies

It’s official! We have a Principal’s Honor Roll Three-Peat Repeat! After all of the excitement of the Patriotic Performance Amara came home that afternoon with a note that she would be getting an award on Friday. No details of what this award would be but we had a pretty good hunch that it was going to be Principal’s Honor Roll and if it was it would mean that she had made Honor Roll for the entire year again!

Her Daddy had already planned to take Friday off because of the Father Daughter Dance — details still to come! Grandpa Richard took Friday off, too and surprised Amara by being at the awards ceremony wearing his Jog-a-thon t-shirt! It was so cute when she saw him! I’m so glad we could all be there to support her. There was a huge crowd of other supportive parents and grandparents there, too.

Amara awarded Principal's Honor Roll for all of 2012

Amara was so excited when they called her name for 3rd trimester Honor Roll. The Principal gave her a certificate and pinned a green ribbon on her! It was thrilling to watch but the real excitement came when the Principal announced that next award would be for those students who had achieved Honor Roll for the entire year. She made a big deal of what a big accomplishment this was and when they called Amara’s name she jumped off her seat on the floor with a huge grin on her face and her long blond hair flying! We all shouted with joy for her and she turned to us and grinned some more. As she joined one of her friends on stage they were actually jumping up and down with glee — a certificate in each hand.

Congratulations Amara!

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10 thoughts on “A Three-Peat Repeat

  1. Penny

    CONGRATULATIONS! We, readers, are so proud of young people who try so hard. Makes us feel like we are leaving the world in good hands.

  2. Sarah

    Oh, yes, heartfelt congratulations for these awards! Good job, Amara! How encouraging and inspiring to see someone reap the rewards of hard work and diligence. You all have to be very proud of her! How wonderful that she has all of her family to support her. It is very special all the way around!


  3. Amara's Grampy

    Yes, we are very proud of her and I’m really glad I could be there; I wouldn’t have missed that big grin for anything.

  4. Joyce

    Think of what a wonderful world this would be if EVERY child had parents and grandparents like Amara does. She is such a lovely child, but that is the result of so much support from a strong, beautiful family. Congratulations to ALL of you, because you do all share in Amara’s success!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It is so wonderful to tell — especially since I am working on doing it again right now! Amara made honor roll for all of 3rd grade! Can you hear my pride?!

  5. Joyce

    I just knew Amara would be at it again THIS school year! Can’t wait for that story! I don’t see how this one can be topped, but knowing you, grandma, it will be done!


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