Amara’s Slumber Party – Part One of Saturday Morning

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There were just too many memories made at Amara’s 8th Birthday and Slumber Party to capture all in one post so I decided to split them up. You can find Friday Night posted here. I hope you enjoy her party as much as we did.

Saturday morning I was up just before 6 AM. I tiptoed to the living room to check on everyone. They were pretty much where I had left them. Everyone had slept through the night. There had been no emergency phone calls to anyone. We had achieved Slumber Party Success. The girls were just starting to wake up and with Amara in the lead they headed for her room where Mommy and Daddy had been trying to sleep and they all piled on the bed with Miss Jenna and Mr. Justin. I love that this is how the girls refer to adults and I love that Grandma Kc is still just Grandma Kc to all of them!

The Girls and Sleepy Mommy

We knew we had to feed these girls and quickly so Jenna took them to the front room to play some games and Justin went on bacon duty. I put on another pot of coffee, started setting up the griddles and getting ready for Rainbow Pancakes – Slumber Party Style! None of these girls had ever had colored pancakes before, except Amara!

Birthday Games

So once I had the kitchen ready Jenna brought the girls out and had them sit around the dining room table. (I love that my kitchen opens up into the dining room so you can be out there cooking and chatting with people at the same time.) I had gotten some new fancy plastic champagne glasses for the big event and many bottles of sparkling cider. This had been Amara’s one request to me, she wanted the girls to have sparkling apple cider with her for breakfast! Most of them had never had it but they loved the bubbles — and the glasses. The girls sat there and drank their cider and chatted while we started the pancakes.

Each girl got to color one small container of Bisquick Pancake Mix and to shake it! Jenna made sure each girl knew what colors had already been done so they could try and get lots of different colors and they did. I should mention Jenna came equiped with a shoe box full of food coloring. She bakes. A Lot! Now, when Amara and I make colored pancakes it always includes her doing the shake dance – so everyone had to do the shake dance, it was required! Some of the girls were a little hesitant to do the shake dance so Amara helped us to “shake them”! Of course it was so much fun to be shook they would wait to help shake the next girl! It became part of the fun.

As each girl finished her shaking she would go start making her fruit skewer while she waited for her pancakes. I had gotten lots of fresh fruit and had cleaned it and cut it up so it would be all ready and chilled for them when it was breakfast time. We had watermelon, cantaloupe, blackberries, red raspberries, strawberries and blue berries. This way each girl could take as much as they wanted of whatever they liked best. Fancy fruit on a skewer is always better than just a regular bowl of fruit.

Birthday Breakfast

Jenna and I cooked up the pancakes while they sat around the breakfast table chatting and having fun. Each girl got 2 pancakes to start and they pretty much got whatever color was ready! Breakfast was great and as the girls finished the gang wandered back to the swing set, the hula hoops and the jump ropes, to AmaraLand — the backyard.

Mr. Justin in camouflage fatigues

After breakfast Mr. Justin showed up in camouflaged fatigues mumbling something about an Orbeez War. But we will leave that story for the next post! Coming up next – The Justin Games.

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10 thoughts on “Amara’s Slumber Party – Part One of Saturday Morning

  1. Sandy

    Lots of smiling faces! It looks like it was a lot of fun!!

    I love the sparkling cider idea! And the beautiful glasses are such a nice touch! Way to go, Grama Kc!!

  2. Joyce

    Grandma Kc, what a wonderful, loving family you have! I am not surprised that Amara is so self confident and happy. Wouldn’t this be a different world if every child had what she does? Best Wishes!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    You definitely achieved Slumber Party Success!! No fighting? No crying? No Amara coming to you and saying she wishes she hadn’t invited so-and-so? Those are the typical happenings of the slumber parties my girls used to have, so you have thoroughly impressed me with your success and slumber party savvy!

    Thanks for linking up, my friend!

  4. Betty Taylor

    Visiting with the Grand Social Blog Hop. Sounds like a funtastic slumber party. It’s been a long time since I have been involved in a girl’s slumber party. My daughter is 40. Since then we have only had boys around. There sleepover’s are way different!

  5. Joyce

    I notice that I commented on this post a year ago when it was new. Now that I know you lots better I can say that I’m not surprised at how well it all turned out. Who could ever be grumpy while a “shake dance” is going on? Or be mad about making themselves a fruit skewer? Or getting up early to only to find more cute, fun things to do? “Life in AmaraLand” – that’s the place to be!


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