Another Tradition Passed Down

Grandma Kc wrote this on November 19th, 2012 16 Replies

Growing up I hated all condiments except ketchup. If something had mustard on it I would starve before I would eat it. I was almost as bad about stuff with mayonnaise on or in it. Just the thought of relish made my skin crawl. I was in my mid twenties before I would eat anything but lemon juice and salt on my salad. I finally discovered Ranch dressing and I love it. It is my condiment of choice on pretty much everything. I still hate mustard. I’ve gotten better. When Amara’s Mommy was little I wouldn’t even wash a knife or plate that had mustard on it! I’ll do that much now but I won’t eat it. I now see the value in mayonnaise but relish still makes my skin crawl.

I will eat most things with the exception of sushi — I just eat some things differently. For example I love peanut butter sandwiches. I don’t put jelly on them but I do put butter on them. I also put butter on my peanut butter toast. Grampy and Amara’s Daddy both think this is very strange. Of course I taught Amara’s Mommy to eat hers that way and much to Daddy’s annoyance she has taught Amara to eat them that way! The right way.

Because of my hate of most condiments I have always eaten my hamburgers with just ketchup on them. I will tell you one of the advantages to this is that when you order it special at McDonald’s they have to make it fresh so it is hot! Some where along the way I discovered that the only thing better than a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese (ketchup only) was if you put your french fries ON the cheeseburger, nestled right in there with all that wonderful ketchup. Jenna learned to eat hers the same way. The right way.

The other day when Amara was here we were doing something in the kitchen when she said to me “Guess what I eat the other day Grandma.” Amara is not big on trying new foods so I really was curious! “I put french fries on my McDonald’s Cheeseburger and I liked it!

Another tradition passed down from generation to generation to generation.

16 thoughts on “Another Tradition Passed Down

  1. Vicki Valenta

    Love mustard, like catsup, hate mayonnaise. I do not eat McDonalds burgers. They just don’t agree with me. I will eat their fries though. I do occasionally take the princesses there to play, but I don’t eat there.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I have to admit I can’t remember the last time that I had a McDonald’s hamburger – I think Amara was in preschool! But her parents do go there once in a while and I have to admit that writing this sure made me crave McDonald’s!

  2. Judy

    Thanks for the chuckle. We all do have our foods of choice. Now, I could enjoy something that had ketchup, mustard, mayo, and relish on it but I certainly will think of you the next time I eat a combination of those.

  3. Olga

    I live with fussy eaters so I just rolled my eyes at this post. However…who doesn’t eat butter on their peanut butter toast?? That’s a great combo.

  4. Susan Adcox

    I love jalapenos on my burgers, and my latest condiment of choice is Louisiana hot sauce. My husband can’t live without his Tony Chachere’s. Can you tell what part of the world we live in?

  5. Amara's Grampy

    The first time I ate at McDonald’s was in about 1963 when they put one in near Palmer High School in Colorado Springs. I loved those skimpy little burgers, the fries were hot and perfect and the cokes were icy and delicious. This is not time talking – I remember clearly thinking that at the time.

    Then sometime in the 70’s they went into a slump and I wouldn’t eat there at all. Burger King was the hot ticket in the San Fernando valley. But now I love me a quarter-pounder. For a fast-food burger, the only thing I like better is a Wendy’s triple burger. Sadly I can only indulge myself at long intervals of probably six weeks or more. Wifey Wiferson (aka Grandma Kc) keeps me in line.

    Butter on a peanut butter sandwich is so wrong.

  6. Sandy

    I have to agree with my big sister on this one … a peanut butter sandwich without butter on it just isn’t right. It would be like eating popcorn without butter – it’s good, but not AS good!

    Here is another use for Ranch dressing .. dip your fries in it. It’s so yummy! And so is mixing ketchup and Ranch dressing for fry dipping!!

  7. Joyce

    LOL this is so funny! I actually love mustard and hate ketchup! Some of the above-mentioned combos (like butter on p-nut butter sandwich!) sound weird to me but are worth a try. The fries on a burger sound good too! Perfect timing for this post…food is all I’ve been thinking about for a week!

  8. Lydia (Mai)

    I don’t mind any of the condiments but don’t understand how some people (like my beloved husband) can put ALL the condiments on a hamburger and eat it! I think I could take the hamburger out and he wouldn’t notice because he has it so loaded with condiments! That being said, I guess I have eaten many “odd” things and I love sushi. I also realized that my grandson shares my appreciation for dark chocolate…I wonder where he got that from?! LOL! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Kimberly

    Though this isn’t a contest, we’re weirder still in my family. As children, when you ate peanut butter on a sandwich (soft whitest bread, of course), you sliced onions thinly, with a dash of salt. It wasn’t a sweet treat. When you put jelly on, you cooked it just like a grilled cheese. When you add marshmallows, girl it is dessert, warm, sweet, crunchy, sticky, lovely.
    I have never been a lover of stand alone relish, however, most other foods I eat is just for the joy of the condiments, all of them.
    And, I love McDonald’s. I have no problem eating the fries plain, and I like them with ketchup, but my favorite is buffalo sauce and ranch. Yes, indeed.
    You know Ranch dressing is more American than apple pie or hot dogs. I make it from scratch when I make pizza with my students. Fun history. You and Amara should look it up and try some of your own.

  10. Penny

    I used to eat ketchup sandwiches, but only Heinz. I once had a friend who told me there was no way I could tell if ketchup was Heinz or not so she gave me a blind taste test with 5 brands and I won!

  11. Shari Sunday

    Ha Ha My daughter used to order hamburgers by saying “no unjuns!” Her aversion is to vegetables. She says she will not eat anything with a leaf on it. She has branched out lately by trying salads since her little daughter is on a special diet. But it has to have lots of Ranch dressing on it. Ranch dressing rules! Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving.

  12. b

    I have eaten stuff that would have curled my mother’s hair! That is what travel does to you. You just get really hungry and find out that taste is not that important.

    In fact I even had that experience when I was a young married mother. We were poor so my husband hunted and our freezer was filled with wild meat. I thought it would be awful until I got really hungry. It was surprising how wonderful it tasted.



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