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Grandma Kc wrote this on March 12th, 2012 16 Replies

Amara loves to play outside so for Christmas and Birthday gifts we try and get her things that will make her visits here more fun and more active. (OK, maybe I have ulterior motives and want to exhaust her so she will sleep well!) But I do love that she has all kinds of toys and things here to play with! This year for Christmas one of the things Grampy and I got her was a Blast Pad Rocket Launcher. You place the rocket on top of the launcher and then you jump on the bladder as hard as you can so that it forces the air up and causes the rocket to fly straight into the air. I knew she would love any game that meant running and jumping! I was right.

Amara loads the rocket into the rocket launcher She would carefully place the rocket on the launcher.

Amara'shair flies as she jumps on the launch pad It was just after Christmas but it was 75° out.

Amara lands perfectlyShe would run across the yard and jump as hard as you could.

Amara stomps with one foot and gets no where Stomping on it with one foot didn’t work.

Amara gets way off the ground for this launch She got lots of height on this jump

Amara's rocket flies! And the rocket went flying!

Amara loved it that I would jump on it, too and that I could cause that rocket to really fly! I blame all the extra Christmas fudge!

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16 thoughts on “Blast Pad Rocket Launcher

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    What fun! And what a tall, slim, gorgeous gal you have displaying the fun that can be had with the toy. Love it! Yet another idea for toys for my grandsons…though I don’t think they’re quite old enough (or heavy enough) to correctly launch the rocket. One day, though!

  2. Sandy

    It looks like so much fun – especially when it’s 75 degrees in December!! Geesh! What am I doing still living in Michigan??

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I really donโ€™t know how well it will hold up, the 2 of us are the only ones to play with it so far but it does seem to be very well made. If you do get one I want to see your pictures, too! I can just about see those red curls flying!

  3. Joyce

    I have seen these and wondered about them. Now I know. The boys will love them…maybe for Easter baskets? Of course, my dear, it won’t be 75 here in Michigan even on March 31st! Boooo!
    And I love that loooong, silky hair – Amara looks like a model.

  4. Joan Stommen

    Me too….I want one! Actually several….where to buy?
    I suppose they’re everywhere…just have to know what to look for. Called “Rocket Launcher?”
    Kc…you and Lisa do such a great job of demonstrating everything so well with your kiddos! Amara looks so cute giving it her all! I need to plan ahead and get my little ones to model/show things off for me!
    This is just too fun and the kind of post I love to read!

  5. Holly

    Amazing photos! I love your little ones hair!!! What camera do you use to get such great action shots? When I take pics of my grandkids 8 out of 10 are a blur because they seem to always be on the move.

    I am Holly, a new follower stopping over from the GRAND Social from Grandmas Briefs! Hope you will get a chance to visit my blog too. You can find me at:


    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Hi Holly,

      Thank you for stopping by AmaraLand. Amara and I have both cut our long locks since that post was originally written but she does have great hair!

      I did stop by your blog earlier today and commented on your cool shaped crayons, which I did add to my project list. Amara has tons of old crayons! And you never outgrow crayons! I was behind on visiting all the other blogs, too! Sometimes it does take all week!

      As for my camera I use a Canon RebelXT โ€“ one of the very first ones to come out and it is about 7 years old and I love it! It really helps to have such a cute subject to photograph.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


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