But Grandma!

Grandma Kc wrote this on September 24th, 2012 17 Replies

Amara has said some of the silliest and sweetest things lately. Sometimes it is the little things that are the best so I thought I would share.

Yesterday I ran over to the kids’ house to drop off something for her Mommy who was hard at work making apple turnovers! I had warned Jenna before I went over that I was looking truly attractive with my hair up and no makeup on! I mean my hair was seriously up! I had it in a ponytail and then clipped on top of my head with two giant clips and to make it even better I had clipped my bangs back! Did I mention no makeup? There will never be a picture of that! So, I’m standing in their kitchen talking to Jenna and Amara looks at me and says, “Grandma, what did you do to your hair?” Then you could see her freeze and panic for about 2 seconds and she says, “It looks really pretty. I like it!”

She is such a wise child!

Then there was the other day when I was trying to get Amara ready to leave for Tai Kwon Do, I sat patiently as she tied her first shoe. She had already tried putting her socks on while hanging upside down off her bed. Sometimes Amara just loves to clown around and see just how far she can push Grandma Kc. This was one of those times! When she finally got the first shoe tied and got the other shoe put on, she holds her foot up in the air towards me and says, “Grandma, will you tie this one?” I laugh and tell her “NO!” and give her the as if look that she knows means Grandma is not going to fall for this. In the typical Amara fashion she doesn’t even miss a beat and comes right back with “Well you can do it faster and we could be out of her that much quicker. I’m just sayin.”

You will be proud to know that Grandma did NOT tie that shoe!

Then there was the “Amara math” not to be confused with New Math! Grampy and I are always joking about who loves who the mostest but it was really funny when he and Amara got into a conversation over who loves who the most. Amara trumped Grampy with “I love you infinity two, infinity three, infinity four. Infinity infinity” until Grampy came up with, “I love you infinity squared!” Amara looks at Grampy and says “What the what?” He came back with “Infinity Cubed! I win! You don’t know higher math.” They giggle for a few moments and Amara says,

Amara and Grampy who loves who the most

I love you Infinity Heart!

“Oh, I get it. I love you infinity heart!”
Best grandchild ever!

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17 thoughts on “But Grandma!

  1. Sarah

    Each incident really make me smile! Oh how wise the young ones can be! And nothing like the innocence and delight from the mouth of a child! You take care, kc!

  2. Amara's Grampy

    Actually I think it was more “It looks really … pretty? I like it?” when Grandma told me about it. She was willing to fib to protect Grandma’s feelings, but she couldn’t quite drum up the required enthusiasm to pull it off. And inferring that we were doing shapes so her shape was a heart – priceless!!!

  3. Joyce

    You know, as much fun as the big holidays or events are when the grandkids are there, it’s usually just the ordinary days and times that are the most memorable and priceless. I am just starting to hear my 2 year old granddaughter say things to me like “Grandma, sit here with ME!” and “More, please, grandma?” And, like you with Amara, I will never forget those moments!

  4. Sandy

    The infinity heart story is especially sweet, and the .. ahem .. compliment on Grandma’s hair is hilarious. What a predicament for Amara – tell the truth or hurt someone’s feelings?

    Those little moments in time are so precious, and I’m so glad you share them with us – and preserve them here for the future. Being a grandparent really is the best job in the whole world!!

  5. Carol Covin

    She does know higher math! When my grandchildren ask me to tie a shoe, or do something they’ve known how to do forever, they’ve melted my heart with, yes, they know how to do it, but they want Grandma to do it.

  6. Joyce

    Isn’t it cute how we grandmas just think that EVERYTHING those little munchkins say is the cleverest, funniest thing EVER? Of course I agree with you about Amara, but who other than a grandparent would be so EXTRA proud and happy over goofy little conversations like this? Well WE would, of course! Keep them coming – we love Amara too!


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