Catching up on Summer Fun

Grandma Kc wrote this on September 8th, 2012 15 Replies

Just before school got out for summer vacation Amara and I talked about what we might want to do together. The two of us spent one Sunday morning looking for craft ideas. Her school’s website had lots of links to fun crafts and after much discussion we printed out a bunch that we wanted to try. We spent the rest of that morning going through her craft drawers. She cleaned and reorganized everything while making out a list of all of the supplies we might need that we didn’t already have. Who knew that when her Mommy picked her up later that they would head to Michael’s and Joann’s to get them? Thank you Jenna! While we haven’t gotten all our projects done — yet — we sure have had fun. I just haven’t had a chance to blog about all of it!

So let me start by telling you about the puppets!

When Amara first printed out the instructions for the puppets I was not overly enthused so of course this was the first project she wanted to work on! I think she wanted to do this because she was going to use up the brown bags I used to use for packing Grampy’s lunch and that I no longer needed! We had such a good time with this! It was fun just sitting at the table discussing what the puppets should look like and in some cases what their personalities were like. Just wonderful quality time working together and talking.

Puppy Puppet We cut, we glued, we glittered and we giggled!

Puppy Puppet with pink collar She is using the tube of glitter to prop the bag up so the tongue won’t get glued to the collar.

Amara and her kitty puppet Getting the pipe cleaner whiskers to stay glued on was our biggest challenge!

Amara with 2 ladybug puppets We each made a ladybug because they are Grandma’s favorite!

Amara and the back of her ladybug puppet Don’t you love the spots on the back of the wings?

Amara and her Princess Puppet There were a few different Princesses but I didn’t get all of their pictures. Notice that the Princess even has high heals!

Panda Puppet I love that Amara thought to make a stalk of bamboo for her panda!

Puppy Puppet with spots This puppy has the prettiest eyes and eyelashes.

Amara is still planning to write a play that we can act out using all of the puppets. We just haven’t gotten to that yet.

We’ve been busy with other shenanigans!

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15 thoughts on “Catching up on Summer Fun

  1. Sandy

    What fun! The puppets are so cute and she really used a lot of imagination! I love the bamboo stalk too! Good job, Amara!! xoxo

  2. Sarah

    How very creative and delightful! The puppets are precious and the play is a wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing some more love and joy that you and Amara have shared!

  3. Joyce

    Those puppets are darling, but I love the way the little artist added details that you don’t often see on paper bag puppets…the high heels, of course, and the bamboo! A very intelligent child you have there, but of course, you already know that!

  4. Amara's Grampy

    No, the grandchild has the prettiest eyes and eyelashes. She was over this weekend and she was wonderful as usual. I didn’t even mind watching a “My Little Pony” movie – she only had to pout a little, and pizza helped of course, but still.

  5. debra

    I have almost FORGOTTEN about paper bag puppets! We did them all of the time when I was a kid about 1000 years ago, back in the olden days before plastic bags 🙂

    these are so adorable! So is amara of course!

    High heels is the best touch…too cute!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I bet you and the kids would have a blast making these! And yes – it is all about the shoes!

  6. Joyce

    I wonder if Amara ever had found the time to write her play? Her puppets are so cute and her imagination wonderful. It is projects and personal attention like this that have made her such an excellent student!


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