Counting Ladybugs: The First Tradition

Grandma Kc wrote this on October 22nd, 2012 10 Replies

I have always loved ladybugs. I have mentioned before that I even went so far as to have them on our wedding cake.

Ladybug Wedding Cake

My bathroom is covered with ladybugs. I no longer have a ladybug shower curtain but there are soap and candle shaped ladybugs all over the walls!

Amara in the Ladybug Bathroom

At one of my old jobs they gift wrapped my desk in the cutest foil ladybug wrapping paper! I liked that wrapping paper so much that I saved large pieces of it. When we moved into this house I started decorating the spare bedroom for Amara and I cut out some of those ladybugs and glued them to the valance.

Ladybugs on the window

I found the cutest ladybug sheets that matched and I loved how that room looked! So did the kittens.

Twiggy and Twursula: Sleepy Kittens

So did Amara.

Amara reading in bed - 17 months old

Even though she was very young, she loved those ladybugs over the window! Grampy would carry her into the room and would have to lift her up so that she could touch each bug individually. They did this for many years.

This was probably our very first tradition!

The sheets and the comforter have all changed over the years and the room has become completely Amara’s. (Do Not Tell Twursula!) I loved her satin princess comforter that we recently replaced. It was coming apart at the seams from a little girl playing on it a lot — not to mention Twursula liked to stretch out on it. By this I mean she would put her front paws on the bed and stretch — while pulling on the fabric!

The Princess Bedroom

Amara now has a purple reversible comforter with purple flowered sheets that she picked out herself. She has given away some of her old toys and even taken down some of the old pictures she had put up. She continues to make it her room.

The Purple Bedroom

While we were stripping off the old comforter and sheets, I looked up at those ladybugs. They are now all so faded. After almost 8 years you can’t tell that they were once each a different bright color. So I asked Amara if she wanted to take them down and maybe replace them with something new. You could tell she was thinking about it very seriously and she says to me “No, let’s leave them up for a while longer. There are a lot of memories up there.”

Sometimes she just tugs at my heartstrings. This was one of those times.

10 thoughts on “Counting Ladybugs: The First Tradition

  1. Sandy

    This brought tears to my eyes. If Kendal were here she would ask me, “Are those happy tears, Grama?” I would tell her yes, very happy tears.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories with us, big sister!! xoxo

  2. Yannet

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.. It just goes to show, that even through the changes in that room over the years, even as they grow. Somethings are just to special and meaningful to just toss away. You are a wonderful grandma!!.

  3. Sarah

    Precious memories in all respects! When one sees Ladybugs in their garden, it means something good is going on.! There is just something so simple and lovely about lady bugs, and all the memories they have left in your lives! Wonderful traditions in all respects! Thank you for sharing, always touching and so dear!

  4. Penny

    My daughter and I painted Wallace and Gromit sheep as a border on the walls for my oldest grandson. When the room was turned into my granddaughter’s room and she was going to paint over the sheep, my granddaughter would only let her do it if she saved 2 of the sheep.

  5. Judy

    Great post. We have Lady Bugs outside everywhere. I’ve never seen so many. But, wait until Amara’s walls are covered in posters – Hunger Games, Taylor Swift, and One Directions, just to name a couple. They grow up sooooo fast.

  6. Bella

    What a lovely post. I’ve never had that kind of relationship with insects, even the pretty ones. I can be heard shrieking in the garden when they come too close!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Thank you Bella! I do love ladybugs and I tolerate spiders and such BUT if there was something slithering out there — you would hear the screams for miles and I would probably never go in the backyard again! Thanks for visiting!

  7. Cathie J

    Thanks for posting such a cute lady bug idea and photos.

    Come visit me @ and also at my Etsy store, fromme4you.

    Take care!
    Cathie J

  8. Kimberly

    Through her nickname, Missy Bugg, ladybugs have become her icon, so I have quite a loving relationship with them myself. Plus, they are such little power houses on the march against aphids in the garden, and so totally cute. I’m sure “cute as a bug” came from viewing lady bugs.
    Yes, some memories are too sweet to part with.


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