Emily and Emma’s First Video Chat

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 16th, 2012 11 Replies

There are certain toys that continue to be very important to Amara.

Amara with Spot and SpongeBob

Amara with Spot and SpongeBob December 8, 2007

She loves to bring a toy with her when she comes to spend the night. A few weeks ago she brought her old friend Spot. She has always loved that she could velcro spot around her back, around Grampy’s leg, around the swing. I don’t think she will ever outgrow Spot.

Last Friday night she brought Emily, another favorite.

Amara is holding her new doll named Emily

Amara and Emily Suzi January 9, 2007

Emily is her big doll that Aunt Suzi had made her. When they got here Emily had her leg in a pink splint! This splint was made out of 4 pink plastic giant straws. She and her Daddy had used the ribbon belt from her Easter dress to tie it all together! I am so sorry I didn’t get pictures of it before it fell off while she was carrying Emily into our house! I asked Amara what was wrong with Emily’s leg and did we need to put the splint back on? “It was sore Grandma, but I am pretty sure her leg is feeling better now.” We didn’t need to put it back on her but Emily did need to lay down and rest. Amara really loves her dolls!

Now I have to insert some back story here. Aunt Suzi also made Amara another smaller doll. Her name is Emma and she is Emily’s little sister. Amara loves Emma and her bright pink hair!

Emma and Amara

Emma and Amara May 1, 2011

Back to last weekend. Amara forgot to take Emily home with her on Saturday. I told her I would take good care of her and I admit to having gone into Amara’s room and saying hello to her a couple of times while I stopped and petted Twrusula.

A couple of nights ago Grampy and I were video chatting with Amara. It has become a fun nighly thing for the 3 of us. I told Amara that Twursula and I had been taking extra good care of Emily. (The truth is that Twursula had been walking around on top of Amara’s bed acting as if Emily was taking up to much of HER bed.) Amara said she was really missing Emily and “maybe one of you could go get her so I can see her?” Of course Grampy jumped up to go get Emily. He would do most anything for Amara. So while he was getting Emily Amara asked me if she could go get Emma as she missed her big sister! Next thing you know I have Grampy sitting next to me at my computer with Emily in front of his face and he is doing the “Emily voice” and Amara has Emma in front of her face doing the “Emma voice” and the 2 dolls are having a video chat. It was the cutest thing ever and I just love the relationship that Amara has with her Grampy!

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11 thoughts on “Emily and Emma’s First Video Chat

  1. Sarah

    So precious!!! I have a doll with red hair and long legs in my guest room, and often I feel like she tells me she needs to change position, or to take her bangs out of her face! lol, but I do change her position, cover her when it is cold, and often wipe her bangs off her forehead! Never get too old!


  2. Susan Adcox

    Very cute! One of my great-aunts made me a similar doll, and I treasured it for years. Then one day after I had become a mother, my toddler son ran amok in the house with a permanent marker, and my doll was one of the things ruined. So sad! Keep toddlers with markers away from Emily and Emma!

  3. Sandy

    That is such a sweet story. Emily is in good hands with Grama and Grampy! I’m sure she’s enjoying her extended visit!! And I’m sure Amara and Emma slept better that night after talking to her! 🙂

  4. Mimi

    I am so glad to know that another grandmother in this world talks to the dolls or puppets (in my case) even when the grandchildren aren’t around! I do it to but kept that info on the down-low, but not anymore. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story about the computer visit.

  5. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Aw, what a doll of a Grampy to chat as Emily. Sweet story!

    My oldest had a Penelope doll when she was young that looked quite similar to Emily. She still has Penelope—and she (my daughter, not the doll) will be THIRTY this year.

  6. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    So sweet, even the second time around.

    Every time I see these older posts of younger Amara, I’m amazed by how her precious smile remains the same, despite her growing into such a fine young lady. Love it!

    Happy Saturday!

  7. Joyce

    I agree with Lisa, that Amara’s beautiful smile is always present, no matter what the date of these cute stories!
    And, I just love it when grandparents are not so rigid that they can’t enjoy a video chat with a doll by making another one talk to her! I know a few sour people who would never do this and to them I say “Tsk, tsk! if you weren’t so prune-faced I’d direct you over to Amaraland to learn how to live joyfully!” So there!


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