Fun in the Sun at AmaraLand

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It was a wonderful Sunday – it really was just that — a beautiful sunny day. It was only about 65 degrees but I was thrilled that it wasn’t the overcast high 50s they had called for. We had made plans for the kids and Amara to come over along with some good friends of ours, their 2 gorgeous red headed kids and their dog Ber.

Amara and Ber August 2007

Amara plays hula hoop with a Ber!

Amara had become great friends with Ber before either Kylie or Dylan were even born. They’d had a blast playing tug-a-war with Amara’s little hula hoop when she was about 3 and a half. Kylie has been a guest at Amara’s last 2 birthday parties and she has been over to play with us before. But this was going to be Dylan’s first visit to AmaraLand. Amara was really looking forward to it especially because we had had to postpone it twice before! It is hard to get everyone healthy and together!

But we did and we all had a blast. Poor Ber didn’t get a lot of attention! The kids were too busy playing outside. They had so much fun and the three of them played so well together. Again we had fun with the hula hoops only this time it wasn’t with Ber! The girls hula hooped – or at least tried and someone rolled the hoop across the yard as Justin ran through it. I was glad that we still have the swing set. Kylie was just fearless when she was alone on the glider and even Amara told her she thought she was going too high! Dylan loved riding with Kylie on it. He has a great swing set at home but according to his Dad he doesn’t like the swings! And he sure loved that slide.

Flying Fearless Kylie

I was really glad we had gotten lucky and were having such a nice day to be outside and play. Of course the girls had to go play in Amara’s room for a while, too! Amara had fun helping Kylie put on her old Snow White costume that she had outgrown but isn’t quite ready to give up yet! They dragged out (literally outside) all of Amara’s jewelry so they could figure out what looked best. Amara found 2 of her magic wands left over from her birthday last year. Of course Dylan wanted to have one, too! Amara brought out the pink plastic guitars hoping to distract him from the magic wands and to turn him into a rock star while they played Princess! She even showed him how you play it behind your back. He was not distracted! So she ran to her room in search of another wand and found it. Crisis averted! Magic wands for everyone!

Soon they were back to the swings! Kylie remembered from her last visit that I always keep Popsicle in the freezer so it was Popsicle for everybody. It was so cute to watch Amara help them with their wrappers and to read the jokes to them that are printed on the Popsicle sticks. She is so sweet with younger kids.

Popsicles for All

Once the Popsicle were gone Amara remembered that her Flying Saucer Game was in her room. It is one of the outdoor gifts that we had gotten her for Christmas. She thought she was really funny when she asked me if they could play with it in the house. “No.” “But it keeps them from getting lost — they fly high Grandma.” “No.”

Starting the Mother Ship

So they took it outside and set it up. The mother ship sends little colored plastic saucer into the air and you have to try to catch them. The kids had so much fun. They ran into each other a couple of time but there were no serious injuries. Just a wonderful day. The Elefun game came out next. And then back to the swings for more!

Dylan catching flying saucers

Catching the Flying Saucers

What a great sunny Sunday.

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15 thoughts on “Fun in the Sun at AmaraLand

  1. Amara's Grampy

    What a wonderful post!!! You need a picture of Dylan holding his saucer catcher upside down directly over the mother ship so they get launched directly into it. It was really a great day!!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I didn’t have one on my camera, only on video. So you forced me to figure out how to pull snapshots off my new Flip! I added to the post! Thanks Grampy!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Your niece was so cute reading those Popsicle sticks (and explaining the jokes!) and helping Kylie to put on her white elbow length gloves! Wish I had figured out how easy it was to get photos from my videos! I might have gone with some different pictures. It opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Problem is I already spend to long picking out the pictures! Why does all the fun stuff take so much time?

  2. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Such fun! I love this “…even Amara told her she thought she was going too high!” 🙂

    I need to look into that flying saucer game for Bubby. I think he’d love that! (Well, as long as the saucers don’t fly too high and off into the desert!)

    Great photos, Kc!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think Bubby would love the flying saucer game! It makes cool space ship noises, too! The adults in attendance complained that it needs to launch the saucers faster but the kids didn’t seem to care at all that they had to wait. And some of the collisions were hysterical!

      I do think Amara was worried that one of the saucers would fly over the fence into one of the neighbors’ backyards – we had a situation once where a ball ended in the neighbor’s yard and Grampy crawled over the fence to retrieve it and they were NOT amused and called the police! In hindsight we probably should have gone around the block and knocked… hindsight!

  3. Terry

    Popsicles and a sunny day!! Just what many of us dealing with much winter weather these past few weeks needed! A few more months and we can be doing that ourselves!! Love the pictures. It’s always fun to see older ones playing with little ones. Amara will probably be a great babysitter some day!


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