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Here is the back story to this post! I don’t have a Pinterest account yet. Jenna keeps telling me I have to go over to the darkside and join but so far I have resisted the temptation. I’ve resisted for a number of reasons but the biggest reason is I know I would spend way more time there then I should. I already spend enough time in front of this computer. I don’t need another reason to sit here.

But I do understand the idea of wanting to save something so that you can have it for later. I know there have been a number of times I’ve seen something on a blog and thought it would be fun to do with Amara. Now, if I could just remember where I saw that idea.

So instead I started a great big pink sticky note on my desktop! I love sticky notes — the electronic kind! Now when I find an interesting post with a craft idea or recipe that Amara and I could try I add it to the sticky note on my desktop labeled “Ideas for Amara”. I figure the best way to avoid boredom is to have lots of ideas on hand.

Speaking of boredom, we had a Sunday morning like that a few weeks ago. Amara didn’t know what she wanted to do so I showed her my sticky note! We got to the one that read “Colored baking soda!“. Connie had posted it on Family Home and Life and you could see her little eyes light up. We went to the blog post, looked at the pictures and talked about doing it but first…

“Grandma, can I show you an experiment with milk, food coloring and dish soap?”

Amara and her science experiment

Sure, why not! So we went to the kitchen and she poured out a little bowl of milk, added one drop each of 3 different colors and then the magical drop of dish soap! The dye just exploded and it really was beautiful and fun to watch. So of course we had to do it again for Grampy! She explained to us that it has to do with the fat content in the milk. I just know it was pretty!

Is it science or is it art?

“And since we have the food coloring out can we try that baking soda idea you found Grandma?”

Amara and her baking soda art

This was really a lot of fun to watch, too! Have you ever done a baking soda and vinegar volcano? It was much like that but with colored lava. We had 6 little bowls of vinegar, each dyed a different color and two large paper plates filled with baking soda. She used little plastic spoons to drop the vinegar on to the baking soda. She had little explosions of different colors!

Amara and her baking soda art

She had a blast watching the way the bubbles foamed. So did I. We were never able to get the color of the baking soda to stay as dark as the vinegar or as dark as it started out when she poured it on to the white baking soda but it made it even more fun to keep trying! We discussed getting tiny droppers and doing it again and seeing how precise she could be. Mommy and Daddy were very impressed with what she had created.

Is it art or science?

Thank you Connie, for such a fun idea!

15 thoughts on “Fun with Science

  1. Connie

    That is so great! I love it! Isn’t it fun to watch it bubble? It’s hard to stop, great job Amara! I have seen the milk one too but haven’t tried it yet 🙂 Wait until you see my post this Tuesday, more fun for you and Amara but no mess involved!

  2. Judy

    Okay, I’m going to have to try this – sounds like too much fun. As far as Pinterest goes, I avoid it as well because I didn’t really get it. But to me it is like when I use to read lots of magazines and newspapers and cut things out and put them in folders for future use. Now you surf the pins and repin them to your boards where you collect things you want to find in the future. With my memory, I can now find what I saw yesterday (or maybe 30 minutes ago).

  3. Sandy

    This looks like so much fun!! I don’t think I can wait until I see the grandbabies next month to try this! I really should do a test run here at home first, don’t you think? (wink wink) 🙂 Connie, you have hooked me in with your teaser for this Tuesday’s post! I have to check it out!

  4. Sandy

    Oh! And Pinterest … Kc, you must get an account. It is so much fun and such a great way to find stuff, to keep ideas organized, AND see what cool ideas your friends are pinning.

  5. Joyce

    As my grandkids get old enough to actually do crafts with me, I am also discovering that boys have shorter attention spans than girls do! The cream cheese monkey bread is still waiting for them to choose over playing outside. How long would they last at the table for these projects? I’m not sure, but I plan to at least try them sometime soon! (I think the immediate gratification factor would help!) Thanks for the ideas and nice pictures so I can know what to expect! And, as always, Amara is adorable!

  6. Lydia (Mai)

    The milk and food coloring experiment is so awesome! Drew and I have marveled at the patterns many times on cold winter days when it was just too cold to be outside. And the vinegar volcanoes! We have certainly had some! Go for it on Pinterest Kc! I love it but limit myself to 2x per week.


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