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Amara in curlsAmara has always been a huge Star Wars fan. So much so that I have done 10 posts that mention Star Wars since I started her blog. We have played lots of Star Wars in the backyard and I’ve often had to play the part of Darth Vader. Occasionally she lets me be Padmé Amidalas or Princess Leia but she usually likes to be the Princesses. Grandmas will do most anything to please their grandchildren. I’ve even been a Clone Trooper.

A few weeks ago I got an email advertisement for a new book “Darth Vader and Son”. The premise of the book is “What if Darth Vader took an active role in raising his son?” I sent the ad to her Mom who was somewhat indifferent to the idea and thought it was more for boys. I decided to live dangerously and got it anyway.

Every once in a while Grandma gets it right and scores big time!
This was one of those times.

Amara spent the night with us Saturday night and she knew I had gotten her a present but I wouldn’t tell her what it was until she climbed into bed. I gave her the book and the two of us sat there and read it together. In the book Luke is only four years old and very inquisitive. She liked it so much we went back and read certain parts over again! I really knew I had done well the next morning when she read it again and even had to show certain pages to Grampy.

Amara reading with Grampy

There were things in the book that I didn’t get, things that were related to the actual movies. Amara got them! She knows the movies by heart. There was one part that she had to be sure we knew “really happened in the movie”. She kept finding other things she missed the first couple of times. “Look Grandpa, Darth is using the force to pour the cereal!” It is a wonderful book and I can tell you Luke would have made his Dad crazy — just like most 4 year old boys will do.

Amara showing her Daddy her book

When Mommy and Daddy got here to pick her up it started all over again. She had to show the book to Daddy and share certain pages with him. Amara gets her love for Star Wars from her Dad.

Amara showing her Daddy her book

Grandma J asked if 2 ½ years after my first post about Amara loving Star Wars is she still into it? Yes! She still loves all things Star Wars!

UPDATE: I scored a second time with another Darth Vader book if you would like to read about it!

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14 thoughts on “Grandma Scores

  1. Sarah

    Though I am not at all familiar with Star Wars, I can relate to giving a gift that keeps on giving! What a wonderful feeling for someone to take such joy in what you have given them! Good going!

  2. Amara's Grampy

    I can attest that these pictures were not posed. She really is that adorable with that big rainbow-pancake-eating grin.

  3. Sandy

    I’m not a Star Wars fan either, so I am clueless when it comes to the excitement of it all. Even so, the book sounds perfect for Amara and for Daddy as well! Another great idea by my big sister!!!

  4. Joyce

    Well this charming post certainly did answer my question! Star Wars is such a treasure of imagination, no wonder it spans the generations. I am glad you are enjoying that feeling that comes along once in awhile when grandma manages to score a really big hit with an appreciated gift! Good job on trusting your instincts, Grandma Kc!

  5. Judy

    My grandson is in to Star Wars, and my granddaughter is into any book relating to horses. For Christmas, I worked for weeks gathering all 24 issues of the Phantom Stallion series – local bookstores, used bookstores, Ebay, and Amazon. I was so proud of getting all 24. She had them all read in about 2 1/2 months. I’m on to looking for the next series. It’s fun being a grandma!

  6. Kimberly

    Conner Bean and Amara would be fast friends. He is into all things Star Wars as well. It is so satisfying to get that little something that they love. Makes whatever it took to get it completely worthwhile huh?

  7. Vicki Valenta

    Our Little Princess already loves Star Wars at 3 years old. Her dad has a pop up book that features all the characters. He has to keep it out of reach or she plays with it. I’m always glad to see kids who have an appreciation of movies that have become classics.

  8. Penny

    Starwars is a big deal in the lives of my family. My two young sons had lots of Starwar toys, my grandson loves Lego Starwars, and I don’t know if this is appropriate for a family blog, but my youngest son was a glimmer in my eye after a night on the town seeing Starwars!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Amara definitely got her love of Star Wars from her Dad. He too has Star Wars Lego – lots of them and he is a Dad. When he and Jenna were first dating she got him framed prints of Padme and Darth Maul. They hung in the living room back then. They hang in the office at their house now. He also has a life size Darth in the office – one of these standup cutouts like at the theatre. I got him that for his birthday one year!

  9. Sarah ~ Magnolia's Attic

    What a great book! Old Darth might have had a better outcome had he been a better father…. How good of you to be a Clone Trooper — I can just see you marching around in your helmet! Don’t we grandmas have fun?!!


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