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Usually my posts on AmaraLand are about our personal adventures with Amara. I’m not sure I have ever posted anything here that was hearsay but I don’t want to ever forget this memory so I have to keep it here.

Jenna, Amara’s Mommy and my awesome daughter, told me about what happened to her and Amara the other day on their way home. There was a homeless man with a sign standing at the corner where Jenna stopped at the red light. She knew she didn’t have any cash on her but she also knew Amara had her purse so Jenna asked her if she had a dollar? Amara fished one out for her and Jenna handed it out to the man. She would have had Amara give it to him since it was her money but she was strapped in her booster in the back on the passengers side so couldn’t reach. The man told Jenna “Thank You” and he said something else she didn’t catch. She asked him to repeat it and he told her “Tell the little girl Thank You and that sometimes it isn’t just about the money. It’s about having someone just say hello to you.”

Jenna told this to Amara who of course wanted to know why people didn’t say hello to him? How do you explain this to a seven year old? Amara knew that there were homeless people, she had seen them before, but I don’t think she ever considered that you would treat them any different than anyone else. I think this says a lot for both of her parents. Jenna did a wonderful job of telling her that sometimes people don’t know how to react to someone who is less fortunate then they are so often they turn away and don’t speak or even make eye contact. It can be very lonely to be homeless. She went on to explain to Amara about Karma and how when you do something nice for someone then maybe someone will do something nice for you sometime when you really need it. Amara didn’t quite get it so she went on “If we give someone a dollar today then maybe if we have a flat tire some time somebody we don’t know will help us.” She was getting the idea.

A few days after this happened Amara told her Mom she thought she would donate the money in her quarter jar to a homeless shelter. Now I should explain about the quarter jar. Jenna has been trying to get Amara to remember to turn off her bedroom and bathroom lights so she designed a beautiful jar so that when Amara forgets she has to put a quarter in the jar. Guess she is planning on filling that jar as she is making plans on what to do with the money!

Turn off the Light or Pay Up!

I am so proud of all 3 of them.

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11 thoughts on “Helping Others

  1. Susan Adcox

    Once we were having a picnic in the park, and a man was picking up aluminum cans. My grandson asked if he could invite the man to have some lunch with us. I gave him permission to invite him, but the man declined with great dignity, saying he had had something to eat already. Bless our grandkids’ big hearts!

  2. Sandy

    That’s a beautiful example of parenting. I’m very proud of my beautiful niece, Jenna. And I know she turned out like she did because she also has a wonderful mommy who is also the best sister in the whole world to me!!!

  3. Joyce

    awww what a sweetheart…and bless you adults in Amara’s life who have taken her gently by the hand and shown her by example what it is like to be a compassionate person. It really touched me to read that man’s comment. How sad that it is rare for him to be looked directly in the eye and acknowledged as a human being. I think Amara will spend the rest of her life being the one person who uplifts people down on their luck.


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