Holiday Class Party

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December has certainly brought us lots more wonderful everyday moments! Plus a few that have been extra memorable. We have been so busy having fun that I haven’t had a chance to write it all down.

I want to start with the Holiday Party they had in Amara’s classroom the Friday before Christmas. Amara’s teacher had asked Jenna, Amara’s Mommy, to put something together. Jenna proved once again that she is the Queen of AwesomeLand! Not only that it was a family event. Justin, Amara’s Daddy took the day off to help, too. If you are familiar with Justin’s ability to come up with great games for Amara’s birthday party then you won’t be surprised he came up with some this time, too! There were at least four other Moms who helped to make this an amazing day for all of the scholars!

They did two crafts as a class. They made Christmas ornaments with their pictures in them and they frosted gingerbread cookies. The prep work that went into these two projects was huge. These are a great group of very involved parents!

Ornament Collage

Jenna had punched out 29 foam ornaments, cut out, and pre-glued all of the students’ photos on so that they could just enjoy the fun of decorating them! Oh and they did! Our biggest challenge was we just didn’t have enough functioning glue bottles to go around but they shared and had a blast!

Gingerbread Collage

Another Mom had baked 29 gingerbread men and also filled and tied tiny little bags of frosting for them to use. 29 students times three colors of frosting… that is a lot of baggies and a lot of tying! She also brought peppermints, red hots and mini M&Ms to use for decorating, too. We went around snipping the bags and again these creative geniuses had a great time. Now it is possible they eat as much frosting as they used for decorating. And it is possible that I walked around holding out my finger for frosting using the excuse that it was a quality check but the students loved it.

Amara creating her gingerbread man

Between the ornaments and the gingerbread men, we broke up into little groups for the games! We played memory games and word search games. They also had a very creative book exchange. Each student had brought a wrapped book and one of the Moms read a story about Mr. Wright and Mr. Left and any time the word right/Wright/write or Left/left was said they must pass the book in that direction. Such giggling went on when people couldn’t remember their left from their right or didn’t catch the word! Think 29 sugar-rushing 3rd graders!

Justin also had them play a game where they sat at their desk with a pencil in hand and their eyes closed as he gave them directions which could have led to the drawing of a snowman! Clues like draw 3 circles, one on top of each other and each one smaller. The results were hysterical and watching them sit there and try not to peak was the cutest thing ever – again I wish I could share more photos!

Games at the Holiday Party

After the gingerbread men, we had lunch. Some of the cookies were consumed immediately while others were saved for dessert! These students needed something in their tummies besides sugar! They brought in PIZZA! Of course, we also had fruit cups and fresh oranges. For dessert, Jenna had made three kinds of Rice Krispy treat ornaments and the other moms had brought candy canes and Peeps!

One of my favorite parts of the party was those fresh oranges! One of the moms had brought them and I tried to cut them up but all we had to do it with was a butter knife. Not an easy task and they didn’t look very attractive when I was done. Each student would look at them as if they were weird, I would explain about the knife and they would change their attitude and grab one to eat! But the BEST part was the orange smiles! I think Amara started it and of course my camera encouraged it and soon they were all doing it and posing for the camera. Unfortunately, I can’t share some of the best pictures as I don’t have permission from the other parents, but hopefully you can imagine the cuteness of a bunch of 3rd graders with orange smiles. Here is one!

Amara's Orange Smile

Spending the day in Amara’s classroom with her and her Mommy and Daddy was the start of a wonderful Christmas season! I hope yours was just as wonderful as ours was.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Class Party

  1. Joyce

    This party was just as cute and fun as I expected it to be! It brought back memories of my own time as a “room mother.” However, it was unheard of for grandmothers to be classroom helpers, and so I am hoping that trend will change because children are so proud when their family members come to school! Your pictures of Amara are very, very cute (as always!) and the infectious fun just pops right out of the page! Valentine’s Day lies ahead. I’ll bet you and Jenna and Justin (the game master!) might even top this one off!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Grandparents in the classroom — I think it is a wonderful new trend for us Grandmas to start. Last year there was another grandmother who was very involved and it was fun when both of us were there. Her granddaughter is now in another class so I don’t know if she is still as active but I would bet yes! Can you imagine how much fun you will have when you get your turn! I don’t want to rush them growing but I can’t wait to read about the fun. Their teachers are going to LOVE you!

  2. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Jenna definitely is the Queen of Awesomeland. And Justin makes the perfect matching king. Great activities for the kids. Sounds (and looks) like the kids had a great time. Love the orange smile! You’re quite lucky to get to attend such fun times at school! And your readers are quite lucky to be treated to your photos of all the fun!

    Cheers and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think sometimes my posts are way too wordy but the whole point of AmaraLand was to document all our memories and I never know what to leave out. Plus, I’m afraid I’ll forget the stuff I don’t write down. Thanks for taking the time to read them and to comment.

  3. Judy

    Looks like a wonderful party and the Amara smiles are priceless. I was a Campfire Girl Leader and remember all the prep work but also the satisfaction when the meeting went well. Hope you and your family have a terrific 2013.

  4. Kimberly

    Whew, glad all is well. I was beginning to wonder. Land’s no matter how you try to prepare there are NEVER enough working glue bottles. Those pesky bottles, with a close second being those pesky little lids they put on the Tacky glue bottles. I use tacky glue because the glued items don’t slide so much. We can’t keep up with lids to save us.
    I love your appreciation of Jenna and Justin and the talents they share. Sometimes I think my children think I have a magic wand and do what I do effortlessly.I know Amara picks up on that.
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Sandy

    The party sounds like it was a huge success! Jenna and Justin were made to do this stuff!! It’s wonderful that you could be there to share in the fun .. and to document the day in pictures for the parents who didn’t get to be there in person! I know it takes a lot of effort to keep up with a blog in the middle of all of life’s other craziness, so thank you for sharing these once in a lifetime joys with us here in Amaraland! You inspire us and bring smiles to our faces every time!! xoxo


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