How’s My Favorite Grandchild?

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 12th, 2012 17 Replies

One of the silly things that I have always said to Jenna is “How’s my favorite daughter?” To which she usually responds “I am your only daughter” to which my final reply is always “Well you’re still my favorite.” I am pretty sure not all Moms are as lucky as I am and not all of them think their daughters are their favorites. I really like the person Jenna is and in spite of her teenage years I wouldn’t trade her for any other kid out there.

I feel the same way about Amara so of course I play this same game with her “How’s my favorite grandchild” and I usually get the same reply “I’m your only grandchild” and she gets the same comeback her Mom always gets “Well, you’re still my favorite.” This often leads to a bunch more silliness with me complaining about not having more grandchildren (my one complaint) and Jenna blaming it on me since I only had one child. We banter back and forth pointing the finger of blame and being extra silly. I just love the wonderful relationship the 3 of us have together.

The last couple of weeks have been extra special. I have been off work and I admit I have tried to make up for the last 5 months spending as much time as I can with these two. Amara is busy getting ready for her class play next week and I have had so much fun helping Jenna help Amara’s teacher. Have I mentioned my daughter is awesome? I’ve worked on the playbill; helped shop for costumes and helped to alter them; I’ve gone to rehearsals and loved every minute of it. I told Grampy the other day that I am very lucky to have a daughter who wants to spend time with me and I am going to grab every moment of it that I can. I am very lucky to have Grampy who encourage me to do just that!

The Library Circus

Wednesday is opening night of the play! There will be highlights and photos!

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17 thoughts on “How’s My Favorite Grandchild?

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    You’re lucky to have Grampy…and Amara…and Jenna. Love hearing of the enjoyment you get from your time with each, with all.

    I say similar things to mine: my favorite oldest, middle, and youngest. Same with grandsons—oldest and youngest. Suppose that will change when my other daughters have children.

    Look forward to highlights and photos from the show! Break a leg! (Not really…!)

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      We really are both very lucky women to be surrounded by so much love (and silliness!).

      Amara keeps saying she wants to either be a fashion designer or an interior decorator but with the way she loves to perform I’m thinking she is going to take after her Mommy who went to a magnet school to study the performing arts! Our little Hambone as Grampy likes to call her.

  2. Grams

    We do the same thing with our kids. We’ve always had a favorite daughter and a favorite son, now we have a favorite daughter-in-law and a favorite son-in-law. Of course, we only have one of each. They always answer the same way … I’m your only son or daughter.

    Can’t wait to see photos of the play. Enjoy!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I love that so many other Moms/Grandmothers do the same thing. I love being part of such an elite group!!!!

      I’m really excited about the play and I am so happy that they are going to do an early evening performance, too, so often Dad and Grampy miss these wonderful events. She is going to have her own cheering section with all of her grandparents there.

  3. Sandy

    I’m so glad you are able to soak up all these wonderful times of being a grandparent. There is truly nothing like it!!! Can’t wait to see the photos from the play! Uncle Mark and I will be there with you in spirit!!!

    And in keeping with the spirit of favorites .. YOU are my favorite sister! 🙂

  4. Mimi

    I have always asked how is my favorite 4 year old and 1 year old for my grandsons. When my kids were little it was always according to their ages as well because I had two girls and one boy and he was the youngest. I love that I am part of big group of fun, caring grandma’s. Thanks for sharing all the little details.

  5. Anne

    Your blog is lovely,I’ve been reading through some of your posts and will come back and read some more.My grandaughter is five months old but I hope I have just as much fun with her as you do with yours.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I was so surprised that Amara and her friends had never heard this expression! I said that to her when she and all the girls were getting ready for their next show and she was shocked that I would say that! So I explained it meant good luck and of course as you can well imagine we now had a room full of 2nd grade girls telling each other to break a leg. If it was funny once it will certainly be funny 20 or 30 more times!

  6. Joyce

    Okay! I found you! I do remember reading this last year but cannot figure out why I didn’t leave a comment!
    Your happy, close relationship with Jenna and Amara is so heartwarming. When everybody puts everyone else first, then all of you have every need taken care of. I cannot wait until I start volunteering at school when the grandkids are old enough. Your contribution is priceless and I want to do that too!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I just love that I am motivating you to go back to school! Those teachers are going to love having you around!


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