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It was a wonderful week and Jenna really is the Queen of AwesomeLand!

Thursday the PTA had a special Teacher Appreciation Luncheon and Jenna went all out to show them how much she appreciates all that they do. And I got to help! I love it when we do projects together — the planning & the phone calls, the trips to ABC Cakes, JoAnn Fabrics and Michael’s for supplies, the texts and photos back and forth — the time together.

It started when Jenna found these cute little cookie bag tags online at an Etsy shop but they were all sold out. So she asked me if I could create something similar for her in Photoshop. Sure! I had so much fun finding all the right clipart and creating all the right backgrounds. I ended up making six different labels. This one is my favorite!

My favorite cookie label

Jenna then did the hard part. She made cookies! Wow, did she make cookies — chocolate chip, lemon cookies with white chocolate chips and two batches of sugar cookies dipped in green sugars, the school color. I told you she was the Queen of Awesome. She and Amara then put four cookies into 60 little Ziploc snack bags, folding the labels in half and stapling them to the bags of cookies!

Cookie sticker so you would know which flavor

She even made little round labels for the back so that the teachers would know which flavor cookie was inside. She delivered them to the teachers’ lounge in a cute fabric lined basket.

Bagged and labeled cookies

But wait! There is more!

While I was busy creating cookie tags Jenna was busy modifying a template she had found for water bottle labels. The teachers needed special water bottles. There were 48 bottles and she made sure each one of them was different! They all had the school name but each one had a different background and background color, different text and a different font! She pays such great attention to little details. She then stripped the old labels off and glued the new ones on. 48 bottles!

Water Bottles for the teachers

I volunteered to make dessert for the luncheon. After just making Grampy’s birthday cake I was in the mode to bake. The cake came out beautiful and rumor has it the teachers really liked it. I made the bottom layer chocolate with chocolate filling and the top layer white. I then frosted the whole thing white. Grampy nick named it a black and white cake — like the cookie! Oh and making 2 different layers meant I also had to do something with the rest of the batter and frostings so I made cupcakes for Grampy to take to work. I really had fun baking and while I was busy doing that…

Cake for PTA luncheon

Jenna and Amara were busy making 100 Lucky Penny Cards. Jenna had printed and cut little green cards and Amara had hot glued a penny onto each one. Jenna even got small baskets to put them in and spray painted the baskets green. They gave them out to both the teachers and Amara’s classmates. They were so cute and it was so much fun loading the car with all of this and delivering it to Amara’s school – me and my girls!

Lucky Penny Cards

It really was a wonderful week.

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12 thoughts on “Jenna, Queen of AwesomeLand

  1. Sarah

    What a wonderful review of all the wonderful things that came about from the desire to say “thank you”!!! You and Jenna are both awesome! Your cake is perfect and I bet it did taste good. You two are a couple of very creative girls!
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Kimberly

    Lands, brings back memories of the many times I hosted a teacher luncheon. I still run into teachers who talk about that. I’m
    sure they were tickled pink, or perhaps green and how nice for it to be a multi-generational effort.

  3. Olga

    Beautiful. What a great show of appreciation. I’ll bet it special for the teachers–who often don’t get the thanks they deserve.

  4. Carol Covin

    What sweet, creative, delightful gifts for the teachers! I know they loved being appreciated in such a warm way. The one thing I did when my kids were in school was to double the amount of money it cost for my son to go to a special school event. My mother-in-law was a teacher and I know teachers always know someone deserving they wish could go to such an event who can’t afford it. The teachers thanked me but I never let them tell the students where it came from.

  5. Joyce

    Not only were the teaches appreciated with home baked cookies, but the presentation added such and extra touch of love! Jenna is creative and generous. I’ll bet those teachers just love to see her come in. Teaching can be stressful and Jenna brings in that burst of sunshine and a helpful spirit that makes every day go better!


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