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Not every visit with Amara is a big event. One of the advantages of living so close is that we see her a lot and we love it. We get to be involved in all of the little things and sometimes it is those few hours on a Wednesday afternoon, which are the biggest things! We have had many visits recently, some of them afternoons and some of them overnight. I just haven’t taken time to blog about them!

Amara and the Christmas TreeI picked her up from school one afternoon when she had early out so that she could come home with me and put up the Christmas tree! I love picking her up from school! We had so much fun putting up the tree and she was so surprised that I had kept all of the pine cones she had decorated with glitter last year. We decided they needed a touch up and made plans to do it the following weekend. She was pretty sure she wanted to hang them from the ceiling to replace the birthday decorations that I finally took down. Our afternoon together ended with Grampy and I taking her to Tai Kwon Do and then home to Mom and Dad. None of this was event worthy. All of it was wonderful.

Amara and her Rice Krispie TreatsShe spent the night the following Friday. We made Rice Krispies treats and she decorated them with sprinkles! We had them for dessert while watching our movie!

The next morning we added lots of glitter to her pine cones and set them to dry. I had printed out some stars on card stock and we cut out and glittered lots of them, too in preparation for making garland.

Amara putting up snowflakesWe made snowflakes out of coffee filters and taped them to the windows.

Ladybugs on the daisiesIt was 70 degrees out! We spent an hour just sitting on the front porch chatting and counting the ladybugs on my daisy that would soon have to be cut back.

We ended our morning playing Careers with Grampy and with her kicking both our tails at it!

We made plans for the following Wednesday and doing a repeat of me picking her up from school. She and her Mommy both got sick and that never happened. I did get to go over and babysit for a bit while Mommy ran to the doctor and to the pharmacy.

Amara peeling the potatoesShe spent the night with us again last weekend. Her energy level was about 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. She had been cooped up at home sick for days and she had a ton of energy to burn off. Her Dad suggested I have her run laps in the backyard! He was serious! She was so happy to be here but she was wound. She kept both Grampy and I laughing! When she was able to settle down a little bit she helped me peel the potatoes for dinner. I love that she can help me but even then she was crazy girl! We had dinner and a movie and I had some concern she would never go to sleep but she did! We had big plans for our morning!

Two loaves of Monkey BreadAmara and her scooterMommy and Daddy were coming for Monkey Bread! And do you know the only thing better than one loaf of Monkey Bread? Well two of course! We had a blast making it together and while the dough was rising, we were off to burn off some more of that energy on her scooter! We collected leaves and chatted along the way.

Ladybugs on the daisiesWe checked up on our ladybug friends now that the daisy was cut back. We saw tons of them and Amara was sure they were doing fine. We do seem to have a little ladybug farm going out there.

Amara's Christmas Pine Cone Basket We planned to put the pine cones up when Amara changed her mind and decided to arrange them in a basket and to use the leaves we had collected, too! She even added one of her stars, which we had all decided looked nice just lying on the counter!

We still had time while we waited for the Monkey Bread to finish baking and Mommy and Daddy to arrive so went to the backyard to play. Amara found a big (dead) green bug, which she had to show to Grampy who had so much fun chasing her around the yard, and she loved being chased! It was a great weekend and the Monkey Bread was awesome. The five of us eat almost all of it!

The Great Bug Chase

We’ve been having fun. These are the kind of memories I wish I had of my own grandparents. I am glad that Grampy and I are able to make them with Amara.

10 thoughts on “More Everyday Moments

  1. Vicki Valenta

    I agree with you, it’s the everyday things that make the difference. I can’t imagine my grandparents spending the kind of time with us that we spend with our Princesses. We are fortunate indeed.

  2. Judy

    Time is the greatest gift we can give. And, in exchange we get smiles, hugs, laughter, and fun. What a job we have! If only it could last longer. So, enjoy every moment, and I know you do.

  3. Olga

    I just have to move closer to my grand kids. These are the kinds of memories my own children have–the day to day little things that amount to so much in the end.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    I love this statement: “None of this was event worthy. All of it was wonderful.” You are indeed making wonderful memories of special times, even in the not-so-determinedly-special events. That’s one thing I miss out on, the just plain ol’ everyday goodness of grandparenting as every visit must be jam-packed with “stuff” in order to make up for all the time apart.

    That green bug? YUCK! Incredible. And a great shot of it. (Can’t believe Amara touched it!!)

  5. Penny

    Such great memories. I’ve been here very little in the last 6 weeks, so I am envious to do make-up time with my grandkids. One more week… of these long hours.

  6. Joyce

    What I love about being a grandparent is that my house and my presence is a “safe place” for the kids to come and be loved unconditionally while some of the usual rules that dictate their lives at home and school get set aside for awhile! For example, if we’d rather move on to the next fun thing, the previous mess is left behind for grandma and grandpa to clean up later. I loved reading the details of your “ordinary time” spent with Amara because for her, your house is also one of her “safe places” where she is focused on, adored, and able to enjoy life just as it comes!

  7. Sandy

    What fun times for ‘ordinary’ visits, if there is such a thing as ordinary time with our grand babies. I’m so happy that you have these times with Amara. You are laying a wonderful foundation for the mommy and grama she will become someday.


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