My Little Fashion Designer

Grandma Kc wrote this on January 26th, 2012 13 Replies

Then there was Sunday morning. We finished watching The Smurfs, and I agree they aren’t the best but the company was wonderful! Amara had Captain Crunch and I had a peanut butter sandwich (and a lot of coffee). Once that was done we headed to the office. Amara was very excited and wanted to show me Mattel’s Barbie website. Amara is still sure she is going to be a fashion designer when she grows up so this site is just a dream come true for her. It is a fashion design site!

She showed me a section where you could insert your face into Barbie’s head shot. I asked her if she wanted to upload a picture. She seemed to forget that I have about a gajillion of them. “Of course Grandma!” I knew right where a really good picture was and she loved it, too! So I showed her how to copy it to the desktop. She went back to her browser and I showed her how to use the “Browse” button to look for the picture and upload it. She figured out how to adjust the size of it so she fit perfectly into Barbie’s hair. Which she got to pick the color of. She picked blond. Then you could pick the background photo. She picked the pink photo shoot one! We printed it and she was thrilled! I was thrilled because we were doing all of this together. I didn’t think to scan in a copy to save but here is the picture she used.

Amara posing for the camera

Next she showed me a section of the site where you can create your own fabric samples. It lets you pick any colors you want using a color picker. You could add any shapes you want and even change the size and rotation of them. You could then take these 8-10 fabric swatches and use them to fill the black and white gowns — and you had 8-10 of them to pick from, too! Different parts could be made from different fabrics and if you needed to you could go back and make more. Not only is it a fun site for her as an artistic outlet, she is also learning a lot of the things about using a computer and many of the same techniques you need to use in such graphics programs as Photoshop. I was quite impressed! We sat and did this for hours. It was so fun when she would turn to me and say “Do you want to try and make one Grandma?” Grandma’s opinion on lots of her choices seemed very important and you know I loved that! When we were done with a set of gowns we would print them. They printed out like paper dolls and even came with a special Barbie.

She was having so much fun she wanted to print a set out for her pen pal! Why not! Then I remembered that I have a lot of pictures of her pen pal that we could put into one of Barbie’s head shot and send her that, too! Amara was so excited and I was so pleased to see that she remembered how to copy the picture to the desktop and how to upload it and everything!

When we were all done in the office she got her pen pal box and sat down to write her a letter to go with the paper dolls and head shot we were sending her. I think Amara put in one of herself, too! I am so glad that this pen pal friendship and letter writing is continuing! And I am so glad I get to be a part of it!

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13 thoughts on “My Little Fashion Designer

  1. Grams

    It’s so great that she has a pen-pal. I think kids don’t learn to write letters any more. And there’s little that’s better than going to the mailbox and finding a real handwritten letter.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I should have added that we walked the letter to the mailbox. We have one about 1 ½ blocks from us and that is part of the fun! She always has to check at least twice that it has dropped down the shoot! As much fun as it is to get something in the mail it is fun to send it on its journey, too! I do think writing these letters is a great experience for both of them. I don’t know in what grade they start teaching children how to address a letter but that has really been the biggest challenge!

  2. Sandy

    Mmmmm .. Captain Crunch cereal! It was one of my favorites!!!

    I want to try the Barbie website!!! It sounds like so much fun!!

    I can’t wait for Cousin Kendal to get her next letter from Amara! She’s going to love seeing what Amara did with their pictures! Maybe the next time we go visit the grandkids in VA, Kendal and I can do some fashion designing together too!

    And Grams, you are right – kids don’t write letters anymore. There’s nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the mail from someone who loves you! <3

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      You and Kendal will have a blast on that website! And when you do you have to send a copy of them to us! I am so anxious to hear what Kendal thinks when she gets her letter. I think Amara enjoys writing to Kendal almost as much as she loves getting her letters.

      There are still 2 people that I hand write letters to and our Mom is one of them and Aunt Phyllis is the other but I don’t write to either of them often enough.

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Too bad I have no little girls around. I just might need to check out that site myself. All three of my daughters went through phases of thinking they’d like to be a fashion designer. I think I even still have a few of their designing kits/games. Will have to look…after I visit that site.

    I think it’s so awesome Amara has a pen pal. I bet her pal will be thrilled with her Barbie goodies. So fun!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Today while she and I were taking a walk she said she would be happy to be either a Fashion Designer or an Interior Designer. It will sure be fun to watch her get there!

      She is so excited to get her next letter back! I’m so glad we got them started doing this and I really do hope they get to meet one day.

  4. Kimberly

    When you travel to Paris to have tea with Miss Amara, the fashion design queen, you will embarrass her with tales of the “good ol’ days,” when you contributed to her early design schemes, and you’ll both be smiling so big!

  5. debra@ HOMESPUN

    You two have the best times ever. Usually when you link up an older post I’ve seen it before but I missed this one or at least don’t remember it…fun stuff! 🙂

    SO it is freezing cold here and I keep thinking of you wrapped up in your warm fuzzy bathrobe a month or so ago when it was 52 degrees there. 🙂 Went to the local station for a weather report for you before I go get into jammies and put my warm fuzzy bathrobe over them! ::) 🙂 🙂

    CURRENT CONDITIONSUpdated: 6:10 p.m. EST
    Broken Clouds

    Feels Like: -21°
    Humidity: 69%
    Pressure: 29.98 in.
    Dew Point: -7°
    Wind: From W at 22 mph
    Precipitation: 0 in.

  6. Gigi

    As the grandmother of a 3-month old, I can’t even imagine getting to the point where we can have this interaction–but I am so looking forward to enjoying it as much as you and your granddaughter do. Saw you on GRAND Social

  7. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Still love this post. I hope Amara and her pen pal are still writing one another.

    I used to love Cap’n Crunch. Crunchberries were the best! 😀 I do eat peanut butter sandwiches a lot now. Crunchy is best!

    Thank you for being a devoted GRAND Social-izer!


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