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This was the kind of visit with Amara that we love. We had fun last weekend but our attempt at making Cinderella’s Pumpkin Carriage wasn’t our most successful bonding and crafting experience. Well, we more than made up for it this weekend. Amara came with movie and recipe book in hand and Grampy had decided we needed pizza. How can we argue with Grampy?

Amara holding the Cake Mix Bible

While we waited for our pizza, we looked at the recipe book she had brought with her. Amara’s Mommy has a huge collection of both printed and electronic cookbooks. She had encouraged Amara to look through them and figure out what she wanted to bake. She found “it” in The Cake Mix Bible. We were going to make a Rainbow Cake. I tried to suggest we make a cake from scratch but this was her project so we did it her way! Besides, it was a lot easier!

Amara in her rainbow Afro wig

The movie she brought was Madagascar3 and it came with a Polka Dot Afro Wig, which Amara proudly wore while singing and dancing around the living room! This movie will have you singing “Circus! Afro! Circus! Afro! Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Afro!” for days! She was still wearing the wig and singing the song the next morning. I thought this was the best of the Madagascar movies. We all loved it.

Amara dancing in her wig and her apron

Just before bed, we went through the cupboards and Grandma’s vast array of cake mixes. The Albertson’s down the street just went out of business and I admit to stocking up! She picked a rainbow cake mix – how perfect is that for a Rainbow Cake? She decided that instead of using a strawberry jam filling she would use strawberry frosting in the middle with white frosting for the outside. Luckily, I had just bought a huge bag of M&M Darks that we could use for her rainbow. SO we were ready! I wasn’t sure she would ever fall asleep but she was out in about 2 minutes!

She got up extra early AND it was day light savings time but she was ready to bake. I was glad that she was so anxious. She decided we would do this in our pajamas with aprons over them. Why not?

Before we could even start our cake Amara needed to sort the M&Ms by color. It was phase 1 of the sugar rush! You may remember from before that Amara loves to eat the broken ones. When she had eaten what I thought was enough she would run into the office and feed the broken ones to Grampy. She loves Grampy and she loves including him!

Swirling her cakes

She had fun making the cake — measuring everything, breaking the eggs, licking her fingers, the spatula and the bowl! She was sure she didn’t need to put ALL that batter into the pans! Remind you of anything? The fact we had to color the batter meant even more bowls to be licked! This was phase 2 of the sugar rush. It was hot here on Sunday so I was glad we got the cake in the oven early.

Amara and Grampy jumping rope

While it was baking, Amara got dressed and played in the backyard. She even jumped rope with Grampy!

Amara jumping rope

Once the cake was out of the oven and we knew we had to wait for it to cool, we decided it was time to play with the hose. Did I mention it was 93° out? Amara had a blast coloring the driveway and herself in chalk. Obviously, she needed a bubble bath before we could finish the cake! She loves her bubble baths, her science experiments and being a burrito baby. We did all those things and it was wonderful! This was what going to Grandma and Grandpas was all about!

Amara getting a drink

Time to frost the cake.

Amara frosting her Rainbow Cake

She did a good job with only a tiny bit of help and direction from me. She was responsible for the placement of every single M&M including the many she placed into her mouth! It was phase 3 of the sugar rush. She is her Grandma’s child!

Amara showing Grampy her finished cake

She was very proud of her cake and very excited about taking it to the BBQ that afternoon. She even got to use Mommy’s cake carrier. Her Mommy called me from the BBQ that night to report that the cake had been a huge success and had disappeared quickly.

Amara's Rainbow Cake

If you look closely at the center M&M you will see Amara’s picture. Her Mommy had them made for her last birthday but I would only let her use one of them!

I got to take Amara to Tae Kwon Do yesterday and the first thing she wanted to tell me was how everyone had loved her cake! She was so proud and I was so glad we had done it together. These are the kind of wonderful memories I want us to continue to make!

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14 thoughts on “Now This is How We have Fun

  1. Joyce

    I love it when kids get to be in charge at grandma’s house. Everywhere else, the world is full of RULES for them to follow and they rarely get to do exactly what they want to do (well, within reason!). Grandma’s is the perfect haven for having your fun…and in this case…eating it too!

  2. Sandy

    The wig is a scream!! How appropriate for baking a rainbow cake!!! The cake looked beautiful! Wish Uncle Mark and I could have been there to have a BIG piece of it!!

    It sounds like it was a perfect weekend and you got to do so many things that the 3 of you love!!

    P.S. We’ll take some of that warm weather here too, please!! It’s a balmy 45 degrees today in Michigan.

  3. debra

    Lovely post…boy is she hamming it up for this one. So cute! The cake is beautiful.

    Now…have you ever made rainbow jello ? She might like that too if she’s into rainbow foods right now 🙂

    I remember making them for picnics and such years ago…this just reminded me !

  4. Carol Covin

    She looks so excited and happy in every photo! Guess it’s the age when they want to start being in charge. Thanks for sharing both this journey and the pumpkin carriage attempt!

  5. Barbara

    These are the kinds of events and afternoons that make Grandma’s place so special. Love the theme of rainbow running through everything – the hair, the cake itself and the candy fun on top. What a cutie! What a fun grandma! Stopping in today from Grand Social.

  6. Joy @ Yesterfood

    THERE’S that cake we’ve been waiting to see! Wow, please tell Amara that she did a great job- those M&Ms are placed so perfectly! What a fun movie-cake weekend with Amara!

    Visiting from the Grand Social,

    Love Joy


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