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Earlier this year I was working a lot and didn’t always get a chance to blog about the fun times Grampy and I were having with Amara. This is one of those memories none of us wants to forget.

We had gotten an email from our friends that moved to Oklahoma. They visit a couple of times a year and we always enjoy getting together with them. They were going to be here for a week and wanted to come down and bring their son. I’m going to call him Fred. Fred was out on spring break and he was really hoping that Amara would be here which of course we were able to arrange. They are about the same age and when they met at Christmas, they really hit it off well.

Amara and Fred Christmas 2011

They planned to come down on Sunday and take us out for a genuine Vietnamese dinner. Fred and his Mom were both born in Vietnam. We had a nice afternoon visiting and catching up while the kids had fun playing together. They played outside on the swings for a bit but it was very brisk and very windy so that didn’t last long. They decided they wanted to do something at the dining room table but they weren’t exactly sure what that was.

Amara found a bowl of small rocks that she and I had collected months ago. We never got around to making them into Pet Rocks. SO they gathered a bunch of Amara’s craft stuff and started decorating them! I don’t know whose idea it was but they were going to exchange rocks. They decorated a few when Amara made one that looked like her! So Fred was challenged to make one that looked like him. Once made these would be the rocks they would exchange! They were so cute. They not only decorated rocks they built houses for them out of disposable plastic containers. They cut out flowers and glued them in the front yard.

Amara's Self Portrait

When we finally got around to going out to dinner Fred rode with us so that he and Amara could ride together. He has adapted to America so well and he has such a great sense of humor. Amara was concerned, as was Grandma, that she wouldn’t like the food at the restaurant so I packed her a lunch in my lunch box which of course made it extra special. The dinner we had was very good. Of course it helped, that Fred’s Mom could talk to the owners in their own language. She ordered us the best stuff! Amara tried some of my rice and chicken but she liked the lunch I had packed her more — a peanut butter sandwich, carrots, cheese and raisins. Now, none of these were things Fred would eat! We all laughed about how he wouldn’t eat her food and she wouldn’t eat his! The kids laughed all through dinner. The grownups had a great time.

Amara on the last day of school

Last week on the last day of school, Amara told all of her classmates that her friend Fred was coming to see her over the 4th of July. It is going to be a wonderful summer.

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14 thoughts on “Pet Rocks

  1. Grams

    I’ve seen kids do the cutest things with rocks. One of the classrooms I subbed in painted them to look like ladybugs for Mother’s Day gifts.

  2. Judy

    I love the idea of decorating rocks, but like the friendship that has developed even more – how special to be able to look forward to a friend coming to visit. In this day of computer generated games of all types, it is nice to see two children sharing a ‘real’ friendship. Memories that won’t be forgotten.

  3. Mimi

    Painting rocks must be a universal thing that makes so many people happy because we painted rocks this past week also! My grandson painted a blue eye on a rock to match his own blue eyes. The class included the painted rocks with the plant they sent to one of the teachers at his preschool.

    I am glad that Amara and Fred had so much fun and what a wonderful way to share cultures even if they didn’t care for each other’s food preferences. I bet that will change when they are older. I also liked the blog describing the father-daughter dance. What a great night and a fabulous idea! I love reading about all the creative ideas your family has.

    I want you to know that my blog has changed addresses. I changed it when you click on my name, but I wanted to let you know because I really enjoy your comments at my blog also.

  4. Joyce

    Like all your posts, this one is so sweet, and very interesting! I love how both children are so well adjusted. At that age, my sisters and I would have hidden behind a couch and giggled relentlessly if a “boy” came to visit us! We were weird! Also, both of these children have such well established creative thinking skills – evidence of the time spent with them on wholesome pursuits. What beautiful children! I know they will enjoy a lifelong, happy friendship!

  5. Kimberly

    So important to establish early that such differences can be a joy and delight, so much more how many things we have in common. Interesting I would read this today, after being in a bit of shock after reading an article about how children in North Korea are taught very explicitly how to hate Americans throughout their elementary years.

  6. Connie

    Very sweet story. I love how inventive kids are and how they don’t care about skin color or cultural differences. Very funny about them not like the others foods!

  7. debra

    I remember this one from last year and again I have fun getting that pet rock blast from the past! I think they are a ‘thing’ for every generation! 🙂

  8. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Such a sweet story. And those rocks are awesome! I remember having a knick-knack thingee of a bunch of rocks glued together on a mini speaker or something and they held a sign that said “Rock Concert”. Goofy. Like Debra said, the pet rocks are a “thing” for all kids.

  9. Carol Covin

    What a great idea to make and exchange personalized pet rocks! BTW, my grandchildren and we love to eat Vietnamese soup, called Pho. It’s made with a rich beef broth, with your choice of beef strips added, and as many bean sprouts and fresh, torn leaves of basil as you like. Yummy!


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