The Christmas Cup Tradition

Grandma Kc wrote this on December 17th, 2012 13 Replies

I told Jenna the other day that I was feeling very guilty because everyone else was feeling so very crafty! Jenna has been going at an insane pace making things. There are five projects PLUS the fudge. She is planning to make eight batches and one is a double batch! She is concerned this may not be enough! Sandy has come up with some gift ideas that are going to make people very happy and is making all of them. Jenna told me I just needed to get my craft on. Right now, I am just not in the craft mood. Then I thought about it. I have been being crafty in my own little way.

Amara's Calendar 2013

I spent HOURS making Shutterfly calendars for the family. I don’t remember what year I started doing them but it has become one of my traditions. I use photos from the same time the year before. It takes me a couple of days to go through them and find just the perfect ones. Then more hours on Shutterfly picking out just the right background to go with the pictures I have chosen. Then last year they added a photo desk calendars to their selection. I had always made wall calendars. The formats are different so while I use the same photos I have to pick all new backgrounds and layouts! It is Sandy’s favorite and she is worth it!

The Shutterfly Box

There is also a small white styrofoam Shutterfly box on the dining room table. That white box holds one of Grampy’s Christmas presents. Every year for Christmas, I order him a special coffee mug with a photo of him and Amara on it! He went without those cups a couple of years when they just weren’t in the budget but I have gone back and filled in the missing years. He never uses them for coffee. They just sit on the shelf in our home office where both of us can look at them whenever we need an Amara fix! He is going to love the one for this year!

Grampy's Christmas Cup Collecton

I love Shutterfly! My favorite way to be crafty!

13 thoughts on “The Christmas Cup Tradition

  1. Susan

    I’m with you! Crafting is one thing I’ve given up as I’ve gotten older. Most of my projects don’t turn out that well for the time I put into them. So I buy crafts that other people create occasionally, but mostly I enjoy doing other things. I haven’t made mugs or calendars, but I make photo books and Christmas cards. In my book, photo crafts are even better than homemade fudge!

  2. Kimberly

    Those photo gifts take a lot of time and consideration, but they are kind of a double blessing. With this digital age and so much on the computer, not in a stack or a box or an album, I wouldn’t take the time to sit and go through pictures, if it weren’t for making gifts.
    I feel plenty crafty, but most of that energy is poured into my classroom. Often by the time I’m off and have done five or six projects times 22, I’m over it.

  3. Joyce

    I love the idea of the photo mug every year that keeps track of Amara and Grampy’s growth! I wouldn’t use them either. But I might make them into a game – mix them all up and have Amara and Grampy race to sort them out in the right order!

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    How in the world can you consider yourself crafty in a “little” way?? These are HUGE and CREATIVE crafts!! Having completed four Shutterfly photo books in the last few weeks, I know how very time-consuming they are and how much work and creativity such memorable gifts take. You ARE creative and crafty, my friend. Just accept it. (Oh, and before I even reached the point where you mentioned Shutterfly, I had already decided you’re a nut to think you’re not creative, considering the awesome, crafty, and clever things you do here on your blog.)

    Thank you for linking your craftiness to the GRAND Social!

  5. Kaye Swain

    Oh what lovely ideas! And definitely an awesome kind of crafty! And don’t forget to count the crafty and delighful blog you are working on regularly! 🙂 Merry Christmas.

  6. Maggie

    Absolutely love the idea of a yearly mug with Grandpy and Amara!! I think I’ll steal that idea : ) We once did a calendar for our (then future) daughter-in-law …used pics of our son when he was small. And, at my nephew’s wedding, they had desk calendars for wedding favours. We’ve only ever used London Drugs (if you live in Canada, they have beautiful little ornaments), but I’ll have to investigate Shutterfly…

  7. Jeannie

    I have not yet used shutterfly, but your crafty cups make me want to. I bet the cup users love them! Thanks for coming by my blog. I have joined your followers to see what other “crafty” things you do!

  8. Sandy

    You are too crafty. Look at the cool stuff you do here in Amaraland! And the coffee cups are precious and unique. And yes, I do LOVE my calendar and I’m so happy that you do a special one for me!! I love you, big sister!!

    1. Sandy

      I don’t mean to say you are too crafty .. I meant you are crafty. But in a good way, not evil crafty. But that doesn’t sound right either. Hmmm … I think you get my meaning. LOL 🙂


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