The Patriotic Program

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Amara in her patriotic outfit

Patriotic Amara

While lots of the schools are out for the summer, Amara still has another week to go. The last few days of school are always so much fun. Tomorrow is the 1st Annual Father Daughter Dance, more on that after Friday. Next week they have things like Pajama Day, billed as the day you “roll out of bed and just come to school”. There is crazy glasses day and sports day. On sports day they get to wear their favorite team jersey. Amara will be wearing her Green Bay shirt. She is very opinionated when it comes to sports! She gets this from her Mommy who did NOT get this from me! The last day of school is one of my favorites — Crazy Hair Day. It is one of Amara and her Mommy’s favorites, too.

Today was Patriotic Day and the second graders presented their Patriotic Performance. As with everything these kids do they had worked so hard to be ready! It was wonderful to watch as six — yes, I said six classes of second graders, all 152 of them, filed in to take their seats on the bleachers and on the floor! The library/resource room was packed with parents and grandparents. There were lots of them just standing in the back. There were no more seats! The kids were so focused. I don’t think I saw one scholar fidget during the entire performance. Their teachers had taught them so much about America and its history and their music teacher had worked so hard to get them ready to present their music to us.

The Second Graders

There are 3 rows of 2nd graders seated on the floor in front.

They began by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing the Star Spangled Banner. It really was amazing to watch and hear. They sang all of the wonderful songs I remember singing when I was in 2nd grade. Plus one called “The Nifty Fifty” that I had never heard of! That one meant learning all 50 states and at least a little bit about each of them. Amara had recited them for me many times! We even had a whole conversation about the fact there are too many states that start with the letter “M”. It makes the abbreviations very hard to learn and remember! We had this conversation on the beach the day I surprised her and took her after school.

Back to the performance, each song was followed by 3 of the scholars getting up and telling us a historical fact. They sang favorites like Yankee Doodle Dandy and Amara was up there singing and bouncing and again I have smiled so much my face hurts! But when those kids started singing “I’m Proud to be an American” I admit it, I teared up! There were cameras everywhere and here, too! It was a wonderful program and I’m so glad I was able to be there.

Lights, Camera, Action

The Paparazzi

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12 thoughts on “The Patriotic Program

  1. Susan Adcox

    One of my absolute best memories is attending a patriotic performance at an elementary school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had accompanied my dad to Tulsa for his WWII Air Force veterans convention, and Freedom Elementary School put on a special program for the vets. They did an amazing job, and I have a great photo of dad sitting in the middle of a bunch of Oklahoma kids wearing their red, white and blue.

  2. Grams

    I adore school programs and have been privileged to be subbing when several were presented this year. It’s just so great to see how enthusiastic the kids are. A patriotic program would just put me over the moon. I love those patriotic songs. I would have a hard time not singing along.

  3. Sandy Siegel

    Great job Amara and the 2nd grade class! What a beautiful tribute to our country! The kids obviously understood the meaning of all this and took their performance seriously. (Since I am privileged to be Aunt Sandy, I got to see videos of the performance and it was from the heart and enthsiastic!) It was also heartwarming to see so many parents and grandparents there to be part of this precious memory.

    Congratulations also to the teachers at Amara’s school. I feel good knowing that the next generation of Americans responsible for our country is in good hands. 🙂

  4. Kimberly

    How strange that I would see this after just looking up Flag Day activities for the Gramerlings as this Thursday is Flag Day. I have long worried about patriotism in our schools when Flag Day and July 4 happen when school is out. That’s one reason I make such a big deal of Veteran’s Day and our American Legion gives me flag literature that I also do with my students.
    That is an awesome program to wrap up the school year. So happy to hear of that type of teaching going on.
    Just curious, how many grades are at her school and do different grades do different programs throughout the year?

  5. Accidentally Angela

    Sounds like a wonderful event! I’m also happy to hear of this type of program in our schools. Lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting, that was very sweet of you! Have a great week! Angela

  6. Barbara Ryan

    How wonderful! We said the pledge and learned patriotic songs when I was in school a century ago. Now it seems “uncool” to be patriotic and politically incorrect to say the pledge and sing a patriotic song in school … we might hurt someone’s feelings. I like what some countries do, Denmark or Netherlands can’t remember which. They show a film about life in their country to potential immigrants and tell them if they don’t like the way we live, dress, worship, etc., don’t move here!

  7. Joyce

    I love the positive energy this school projects. No wonder Amara fits in there so well! This program was a lot of work for the teachers but it sure paid off in parental (and GRANDparental!) support. I also love the way the kids learned to name the states by singing a song – which I’ve never heard of – but that’s the best way to learn something!

  8. Joan Stommen

    I always love Amara stories! This one reminds me of my days in the 4th grade classroom! Everyone participated in the sing alongs and yes…..we learned the states with songs/raps/menomics….whatever was the latest gimmick!
    She is such a sweetheart and so blessed to have you and Grampy always there supporting and cheering for her!

  9. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Amara and America are a perfect pair. Love this. Funny how no matter how many times we hear them, patriotic songs — especially when sung by children — bring tears to the eyes. We truly live in a wondrous, wonderful place, and it’s awesome to see youngsters appreciating that.

    Thanks for posting this one in the GRAND Social, especially because I missed it the first time!

  10. Pamela

    Spirit week is always so much fun. My kids always looked forward to it and now my grands. I love that they did a patriotic program. We hear so much grumbling about our country. I want the next generation to be proud that they are an American — I sure am! Amara is so adorable.


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