Bubble of Trouble

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I told Sandy I was hoping we could have a repeat of last weekend. The girls had so much fun and so did I. Amara remembered the talk of playing board games and when she arrived that was the first thing she wanted to do. Since this would be the first time that we were having the girls over to play in the house, we cleared the dining room table while discussing the rules before heading over to see if they could play.

  • No one is allowed to go in Grandma and Grandpa’s room
  • They CAN play in Amara’s room but are responsible for clean up when they are done
  • No one is allowed in the office or to play on the computer

See? There are rules at Grandma’s house! I do not let her get away with EVERYTHING!

She was very agreeable to the rules and very excited — and the girls couldn’t play; they were just leaving. She was very disappointed but she really was a good sport about it. She had fun working on a new art project. Amara and her friends are currently infatuated with My Little Pony and Amara loves drawing them. This drawing was of all of the ponies and she did it with her new watercolor pencils. That meant she needed a little bowl of water on the table for her brush. Well you can’t have a dish of water on the table without Shebee drinking out of it!

Amara and Shebee share the dish of water

As she drew each pony she told me all about them and what their special talent and cutie marks are; you get your cutie mark when you discover your special talent. We decided if I was pony I would be yellow and my cutie mark and talent would be peace. I learned everything I could ever want to know about My Little Ponies. She was having a wonderful time drawing and having me just sit and listen to her! Easy work!

Amara's My Little Pony Drawing

We had dinner, watched a little TV, read a story, hid from Grampy and she went to bed dreaming of pink fuzzy unicorns and hoping that she and the girls would get to play the next morning.

But before any playing could begin Amara and I had made a plan to try out the brand new tart and pastry maker, bought on clearance at Target. Somehow, when I bought this I really read it as being a pop tart maker. It is much more a hot pastry maker. We had a blast making them together and chatting all the time. We did these the easy way and used refrigerated pie dough and canned fillings and jam. The hardest part was coloring three bags of frosting! You knew it had to include food color! She rolled out the dough, cut out the shapes, filled them and frosted them when they were done cooking, even though they were hot. The peach one I had was delicious! Amara had made herself a strawberry tart but she wasn’t eating it very quickly. Amara really loves pop tarts but she likes them cold – untoasted. They weren’t pop tarts. These were not cold and she tried so hard to act as if she liked them! I asked her how they were. “I think I’d rather make pancakes next time. I just like them better!” Kind of reminded me of the time when her Mom was young and I had slaved over a homemade stew. She ate it but I could tell from the look on her face that she wasn’t enjoying it. I asked her how it was and she replied, “Oh, it’s really good it just isn’t Dinty Moore”.

Pop Tart Collage

At least Amara and I had a blast making them and it was now late enough in the morning to go see if the girls were home. They weren’t. Now what? I suggested we play in the water anyway. She wasn’t convinced at first, it wasn’t going to be the same without the girls. We had a battle with the new soakers and made water balloons and I was completely drenched. I think you feel even more drenched when you are wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt that are just holding onto all the water! It was a wonderful morning.

The sleepover ended with a nice long bath where she played scientist with the new bubble baths Mommy had gotten her while begging Grandma for stories of when her Mommy was little.

I gave her a new name. She is my little Bubble of Trouble!

14 thoughts on “Bubble of Trouble

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    A cute Bubble of Trouble, though! And polite, to have tried her hardest to enjoy the non-PopTart pastry. She’s pretty darn good at drawing those ponies! Bubby loves watching My Little Pony, but he only gets to when Gramma is there, as Mommy and Daddy think it’s just for girls. Phooey on them.

    PS: I think your color and cutie mark are absolutely perfect!

  2. Joyce

    Amara’s drawings are very, very good! She is so well rounded in so many wholesome pursuits. And since you know what an animal lover I am, I can’t help but compliment Shebee on how pretty she is! My daughters used to gather at the table for cereal before school and “Orangey” (guess what color he was?) would sit in the center of the table and take sips from the bowls while the girls ate. I eventually found this out after months of it! But no one ever got sick!

  3. Sandy

    It sounds like it was a fun weekend even though it didn’t quite turn out like Amara had planned. Grama came through once again and made some more great memories.

    I’m so proud of Amara for her tactfulness about the pastries. And her drawings are beautiful!

  4. Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise

    We LOVE My Little Ponies around here! We love to play with them and make clothes for them and watch their various movies and draw pictures of them, and on and on!! Ha!
    Amara’s drawing is very good!
    That’s funny about the tart aka pop tart maker! Even funnier was Dinty Moore!!

  5. KImberly

    I’ve never seen a tart maker. Very interesting. I’ve hosted so many Playdates that often the first thing out of their mouths on a different date is “Who else is coming?” I’ve worried about what I will do with them as they get older, especially the boys, when no one else is coming to play. Wonder what Bubble of Trouble’s cutie mark would be?


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