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Because I didn’t turn AmaraLand into a blog until Amara was almost 6 years old, there are so many special memories that I never had a chance to write about. I even created a category called “Previously on Amara” so that I could go back and add some of those memories so they don’t get lost. Emails to my sister Sandy have been a great resource for some of those memories. Watching old pictures of Amara on my monitor when it has gone to sleep and entered slide show mode will often inspire me. Sometimes it is other bloggers.

Recently Carol over at New Grandmas wrote a great article about whether caffeine would stunt your growth and about the time she let her grandchild have some. I was reminded of another one of those memories. Amara loves hearing these stories so I told her about it the other day while we were out shopping with her Mommy. We all had a good laugh over my mistake. I came home and searched my outbox and couldn’t find where I had ever told Sandy the story either so here goes!

From the time Amara was very little she knew about water bottles. She also knew all about thermal water cups willed with iced water. Her Mommy never goes anywhere without her water. Amara learned early to drink lots of water and I just love this picture of her Daddy giving her a drink out of Mommy’s water bottle at our wedding. She was 13 months old!

Daddy helps Amara get a drink

Grampy and I drink a lot of water but at the time we were drinking a lot of iced tea, too. I often put mine in my thermal cup and one afternoon when Amara was about 2 years old, she picked up my cup and took a sip. The look of surprise was almost as good as the time Grampy got her to eat a cherry tomato, a story Grampy really should tell. Then she took another sip. She liked it! I was shocked because like most 2 year olds Amara was very fussy about what she would eat so I just let her continue to drink. There was no sugar in it so what was the harm?

Jenna and Justin arrived a bit later to pick her up and I bragged to them that I had gotten Amara to drink iced tea. I got one of those looks that Jenna can give. “You gave her iced green tea?” Amara was bouncing around the house by then and it hit me. The green tea we drink is not decaffeinated and I probably shouldn’t have let her drink it. Ooops.

I was new at this whole Grandma thing then and as Amara is fond of saying,
“You try Grammy.”

12 thoughts on “Grandma Goofed

  1. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Ha! One tiny little drink likely didn’t harm her… and it made for a great story that made me smile. Think of all those wacky women that fill baby bottles with soda. THAT would be harmful. Grandma’s good made me grin. Thank you! 😀

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Seriously! I have known moms who filled baby bottles with coke and then said to me “don’t think badly of me for giving her soda”. Obviously she wasn’t proud of what she was doing or she wouldn’t have said anything! Now that Amara is 9 she has tried soda and on the rare occasions she wants one it is orange pop but mostly she still just wants water!

  2. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    I have to remember the ‘you try grammy’ because I love it. My grandson says ‘do you remember when’ and then the list begins because I do have a list of things i’ve goofed up. And, as I’m sitting here enjoying my afternoon coffee, I just don’t see anything wrong with this story. 🙂

  3. Sandy

    So happy for these peeks back in time when Amara was little! I don’t think you told me this story. I can see the look on Jenna’s face when you told her you gave Marzie iced tea!! 🙂

  4. Carol Covin

    Thanks for the delightful story, Grandma KC! And, I love that it’s now an inside joke with Amara – you try, Grandma! In doing some of our experiments this week with grandson, I said I didn’t know what was going to happen if we changed it up a bit. “That’s why it’s an experiment, Grandma!” You gotta love it!

  5. Joyce

    Soda in a baby bottle? Yikes! I’m just glad Amara goes to water for her drink – mom obviously has a healthy influence on her choices!
    Amara looks so pretty in her fluffy pink dress at the wedding!


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