Grandma Scores Again

Grandma Kc wrote this on May 11th, 2013 11 Replies

I love surprises! I love presents and I love taunting Amara! I really am a big tease!

Friday Amara got sick in the morning so her Mommy kept her home from school. Thing was Mommy had to go to the school that day at 1 PM to give out the prizes for the recent Jog-a-thon. So Grandma to the rescue. I would gladly go over there and visit with Amara for a couple of hours. It worked out perfectly that I had two bones in the fridge to take to her dogs AND a new book for Amara! I had wrapped it a couple of weeks ago but I was waiting for the right time to give it her. This seemed like a good time.

Newt eating her boneSo when I got to their house I announced that I had brought presents for everyone but Jenna – I felt really bad that I had nothing to give her! But I had said the word present and Amara’s ears had perked up. I got the baggie out of my purse that had the bones and we went outside to feed the dogs. Bogey and Newt were very happy. I may have dawdled a bit taking pictures of Newt with her bone before heading to Jenna’s room to chat and dawdle some more. I even took time out to take pictures of Thumbs on the kitty kondo. Yes, I was stalling! Amara asked me if I had brought presents for the cats. No, I hadn’t thought about the cats. It was killing her! I was loving it and she knew I was loving it which she loved — even though it was making her crazy!

I waited until her Mom had left and then asked her what she wanted to do while her Mom was gone. She looked at me with that wide-eyed look and said “PRESENT”. “What present Amara?” “The one sticking out of your purse?” I had achieved my goal and made her crazy enough so I grabbed my purse, we sat down together and she opened her present.

Her face absolutely lit up! Victory for Grandma!

I had ordered her the new book “Vader’s Little Princess“, the follow up book to “Darth Vader and Son” that I got her last June. Grandma scored big with that book, you should read about it. Her Mom didn’t think she would like it because it was the story of Darth Vader raising his son Luke. She thought the book was more for a boy. Thankfully, she was wrong.

The email from Amazon for the new book promoted it as “Darth Vader–Sith Lord and leader of the Galactic Empire–now faces the trials, joys, and mood swings of raising his daughter Leia.” I knew Amara would love this book and I was right! We sat there together and she read the whole thing to me while pointing out special things that related back to the movies. She was sure her Daddy was going to like this book, too and you could tell she couldn’t wait to share it with him.

Amara reading Vader's Little Princess

Amara’s favorite line from the book was “You are not going out dressed like that!” I can’t wait until one of her parents says that to her! It will happen!

11 thoughts on “Grandma Scores Again

  1. Joyce

    Oh you two!!!! We all know there’s nothing but good fun and teasing between you, it’s just the story that changes a little every time! Amara has a wide range of interests. These books and the martial arts classes she takes are things you might consider to be for boys, but Amara is so open-minded and spontaneous that she just does what she likes and that is that! The best way to go, in my opinion!

  2. Sarah

    What special fun, and very special times together! A wonderful gift and one that shares for a long time! Making precious memories again, you two!

  3. Daphne

    Good Morning Grandma KC, Firstly thank you so much for leaving your kind comment on my blog and secondly, what a fun and fabulous grandmother you are.

    I loved the last line “You are not going out dressed like that”. My mother, Phyllis used to say that to me in the 1960’s, when I went out it mini skirts, Twiggy eye makeup and white lips…..well I thought I looked fabulous!
    Have a lovely Mother’s Day today.
    Best Wishes to you,

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    You definitely scored again! So cute that lovely princess Amara gets such a kick out of what most might consider a “boy” book. Just proves once again that stereotypes are hooey! Hurray for Amara and her smart Grandma!

  5. Vicki Valenta

    Good job on bringing up Amara right. We’re huge Star Wars fans. One of Princess J’s first words was “Yoda.” Both princesses can identify many of the characters.


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