Last Week of School — Day Three

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This is the story of Amara’s last week in 3rd grade. You should read all about Monday and the Honor Roll Ceremony and about Tuesday and learning to knit if you haven’t already.

Then came Wednesday. I had been involved in planning the End of Year class party for weeks. There were many parents involved and they did a lot of work in advance! Jenna and I had done lots of shopping for all the things we would need. Justin was taking the day off to help with all the games. Outdoor games would take up most of the morning. The weatherman had predicted June gloom and mid-70s, which was perfect, the kids would not melt!

Jenna woke up sick. She couldn’t even talk and her throat was very red and swollen. We would have to do it without her. I wasn’t at all panicked, really I wasn’t. Fortunately, everyone came through with what they had volunteered to do. Still it wasn’t the same without her. I did my best to take lots of pictures (375) so that she could pretend she was there!

We began the morning with Justin and some of the other parents coning off a large section of the field so that we would have lots of room for the games they had planned. I don’t have permission to use photos of the other people — but there were lots of them, both children and parents/relatives.

Justin getting ready for the End of the Year Party

Mrs. J divided the class into 3 teams. Each team would play one set of games and then move to the next game. Each game station came with a group of parents to help and to regulate!

Amara’s group ran the egg in a spoon race first! They used little orange ping pong balls and white plastic spoons. Amara did really well with this game. I am betting it is because her balance is so good as a result of her Tai Kwon Do classes.

Amara in the egg and spoon race

Next, her team moved to the sack races. I laughed until I had tears! Oh, the pictures I wish I could share! I have one photo with 5 out of 6 of them off the ground in mid jump! First they raced by themselves and then they did three legged races! They used pillowcases instead of sacks. They were having so much fun.

Amara in the Sack Race

Next up they tossed horseshoes! One of the other Dads was the organizer of this had he did such a great job. I love seeing other Dads get involved and this one often is!

They tried a game of blowing bubbles through the hula-hoops but it mostly resulted in hula hooping! It was too windy and the bubbles were not cooperating!

Their last round of games would be water balloon games! They were going to do this as one group split into two teams for a balloon toss. This was so well organized. They even had a mom standing guard over all of the water balloons (amazing parents filled all these in advance!) so that each student only got one balloon to start. The laughs, the giggles and the expressions on their faces were priceless!

Amara faces an incoming water balloon

An actual water balloon fight followed this — and the first target was Mr. Justin! I have to apologize publicly to him. I was responsible for the attack and I feel really bad that he fell in the mud and bruised his leg running from these crazy kids. Fortunately, he was only bruised as his day was nowhere near over!

Finally, we went back to the classroom for indoor games and lunch. Justin split them into four groups and there were 4 game stations. I was in charge of the memory game. One of the other Grandmothers was in charge of a game where each student must try to balance dice on top of a Popsicle stick that they are holding in their mouth. Yes, there were two Grandmothers in the classroom that day, too, but it wasn’t the same twp! Justin had them doing some crazy game where you try to see how many little orange balls you can bat into a milk crate using a Frisbee! Another Mom had them playing a colored stick game. While all of this was going on one of the Moms was doing face painting. I didn’t get many of these pictures as I was too busy but I won’t forget a minute of it!

Amara after face painting

Then the pizza arrived along with a huge bowl of fresh fruit. Those kids love their pizza and they love their fruit, too! They all knew there was a surprise dessert coming but I kept telling them it was broccoli and Brussels sprouts — maybe spinach cupcakes. It was really root beer floats to be served outside! The cheers went up. They were so excited and so were we! The other Grandma and I had volunteered to scoop the floats and Justin and a couple of other moms helped, too! Some of them had never had a root beer float and some of them opted for just ice cream. A few of them came back for thirds!

Wednesday was early dismissal.
The floats were the perfect end to their party.
Only one more day of school!

15 thoughts on “Last Week of School — Day Three

  1. Sandy

    What a fun day! The PTA really came through again! I’m so impressed with Amara’s school and the involvement of the parents and grandparents. I’m confident that is the reason so many of them are on the honor roll. Teachers can only do so much. Good role models at home and an active interest in what’s going on at school are equally as important.

    Keep up the good work, parents/grandparents and rest up over the summer so you’re ready for next year!!!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      This was not the PTA’s doing! This was all as a result of the awesome parents/grandparents of Amara’s classmates! I just hope it continues and maybe gets even better. According to her Principal parents lose interest as kids get older, I hope their class can be different.

  2. Joyce

    Well, Aunt Sandy took the words right off my keyboard on my reaction to this wonderful school and the support that is given there. But Kc, you are introducing something many schools don’t have -GRANDparent volunteers!- and those are priceless! How well loved all those students must feel when 2 generations come out to help them learn while having fun!
    I’m sorry Jenna had to miss that day – awww!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I’m going to check with Jenna and Mo and see if I can’t be in charge of the GPTA!

      Do you know how awesome it felt when we got ready to do the indoor games and Justin was introducing the volunteer in charge of each game? He said “This is Grandma Kc” and one of the students said, “We know Grandma Kc”. My heart really did melt!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Excellent job, Grandma! Awesome that everyone — including grandmothers — so invests their time and talents to provide memorable times for those children. Very, very cool. Love to see Amara’s smiles as she plays old-timey games. I’m sure Jenna was appreciative of the 375 (!) photos. 😀 I hope she’s feeling better.

  4. Plato P.

    You’re an awesome grandmother, I must say. By reading this, I miss my childhood and my grandma. She was not active like you but hey, she was nice indeed! God bless.

  5. Olga

    What a fun day for the kids–a nice way to get started on summer vacation time. You are a real trooper to be so very involved.

  6. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    What an over achiever – 375 photos – really. LOL It looks like it was a spectacular day because of all the dedicated parents and grandparents. What great memories you all have of such a wonderful day. Sincerely hope Jenna is feeling better. I can’t wait to see what is planned for summer vacation. 🙂


    This is what grandparents are for. Love em, Spoil em and love em some more. I think it’s great that you have gotten so involved and it looks like you put together some great times that will be remembered for years to come.

  8. debra

    Oh these pictures of Amara are priceless! SO darn cute! That balancing game IS hard…and the sackrace as well but look how much fun she is having; love it!

  9. KImberly

    I love the term “June Gloom.” Sounds like that has turned out to be some sort of weird allergy/flu as Jenna, Gideon, son-in-law and Handy Man have all had it the same thing this same week. Good for you for staying the course.
    I have to also comment on an above conversation. I teach fourth and fifth and there have been years, few thankfully, that I’ve had zero volunteers for some projects. So few people now are able to be “stay at home” moms or grandmas. I take time off to do my grandkids activities, but soon there are going to be more of them in school than I have days off.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Oh my! I think you misunderstood. “June Gloom” is a term they use in southern California. Since the latest climate issues they have also come up with May Gray. It is when the coast stays socked in with clouds and it doesn’t burn off until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. It was low 70s that day – and we didn’t have the hot sun beating down us.


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