Last Week of School — Day Two

Grandma Kc wrote this on June 17th, 2013 12 Replies

It was a wonderful week. The last week of school is always the best. It started Monday with Amara’s Honor Roll awards and every day was something fun! Way to much fun to put all in one post so I am breaking the excitement down by days.

Tuesday I did a special project with one of the Moms from Amara’s class and her Mother! I love it when there are three generations in the classroom. We spent an hour in the classroom teaching the girls to knit. I think we had 17 girls split between the three of us. I thought it was great that there were two Grandmothers in the classroom that day. This Mom did an amazing job — and went to a lot of expense, too! She gave each girl a very large plastic jar. In the jar she had stuffed printed instructions, a cute set of purple knitting needles, and a ball of yarn! PLUS she had already cast on 20 stitches for them so that they could jump right into learning to knit. Other than the one left-handed girl who I just could not help — we had fun! As I explained to the other mom and the girls — I can’t even brush my teeth with my left hand let alone knit!

Amara got a little frustrated and impatient that she didn’t immediately get it. So did a couple of the other girls. Learning to knit is hard! It was one of those moments when I wonder how teachers do it! But I thought fast and asked them “How many of you can ride a bike?” I was surprised that one of the girls still couldn’t ride and I asked them “How many of you learned to ride in the first hour?” There was loud mumbles of no. I explained it was the same thing with knitting, you just have to keep trying. They were amazed at how quickly I could make those needles fly. Practice! I used the questions about riding a bike because I knew Amara had struggled to ride and I was hoping it would give her the patience to try and learn to knit. It worked! She ended up really having fun. Mrs. J took all the boys outside to play for an hour except for one boy who wanted to stay and learn. He did really well and had fun, too!

I don’t think any of the girls really learned to knit in that hour but their interest was piqued! I bet many of them will pick it up again this summer. I’m hoping Amara and I can!

12 thoughts on “Last Week of School — Day Two

  1. Sandy

    What a fun experience for all of you! And such a great lesson in patience and practice. Now, big sister, will you teach me how to knit please?

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Just as soon as you get here! But Mom is going to be really offended if you come 2500 miles to learn from me and she is just down the road.

  2. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    My granddaughter knits like a pro. I cast on and completed a really ugly scarf this past winter. How ugly you ask? It can only be worn doing chores. 🙂 Knitting is one of those things that makes for a great hobby, you can create your own clothes, and you can do it your entire life. I’m betting these girls will remember this their entire life.

  3. Susan Adcox

    As a teacher, I can tell you that it’s those little out-of-the-textbook experiences that students will remember, whether or not they ever take up knitting.

  4. olga

    Since I am left handed and directionally challenged, I would NEVER attempt to teach someone to knit. Good for you for sharing a skill.

  5. Kimberly

    We knit in my classroom boys and girls alike. It seems I spend the better part of the year, on a vast array of projects, reminding them that it takes practice, practice, practice. I love when they all finally get it, either knitting or stitching, they are so quiet and engrossed and I totally believe it increases brain ability. I always started after teaching them long division. I reminded them that knitting was the same thing, divide (pick up a loop), multiply (add a loop), subtract (pull in through), bring down (drop it off). Just get in the rhythm and you’ll go. My girls had a booth at the school festival with their handcrafts this past weekend and called it Sew Sassy. I did learn to start them with knitting a small bookmark and to using bamboo short needles, seemed to help.
    What a great gift.

  6. debra

    Your bike riding analogy was ingenious!

    And I have heard that knitting is harder than crochet ( am I right ? I do not know how to do either ) so if that is the case then kudos to all of you! 🙂

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Every once in a while the old Grandma brain comes ups with a brilliant answer.

      I think that crocheting is easier — for one thing dropping stitches and losing count is easier with knitting. I remember it took me longer to learn to crochet and I’m still not as confident with it. But you who have conquered quilting — you can do this!

  7. Joyce

    I agree with you that having three generations in the classroom is a wonderful thing! How special to send those little girls – and one brave boy! – home for the summer with a new skill! I think you might be surprised at how many of them go back to try again later.
    And I also think you are a real pioneer in getting grandmas into the classrooms! We need a movement like this because everybody benefits from it! I’m sure Amara was so proud of you!


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