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Grandma Kc wrote this on May 27th, 2013 11 Replies

I took Amara to school the other morning. On our way there, I asked her what she thought we should have for dessert on Sunday when her friend Fred and his parents come to visit. They live in Oklahoma now but still have a home here in California that they visit a few times a year. We hadn’t seen them since Christmas and we all look forward to these visits and it is wonderful how the two children just pick up where they left off. Exactly where they left off! When Fred was here and visited the last time, he had promised Amara that he would sing a song for all of us. He didn’t want to do it then – he promised he would do it the next visit. She had not forgotten. She started hounding him to sing from the moment they got here!

Back to the dessert, the plan was they would come down and the kids would have an hour or so to play and then we would all go out to dinner after which we would come back home for more playing and dessert. Amara apparently had given the upcoming visit some thought, as she immediately suggested, “Why don’t we frost cookies? It would be something we could do together like a craft and it would be fun.” OK! The plan was that I would bake the cookies in advance and they would do the fun part! Amara knew there were plenty of colored sugars for decorating and lots of food coloring for the frosting.

We had a wonderful Vietnamese dinner. We left it to Fred’s Mom to order for all of us. Mike taught me that “com” is rice and “ga” is chicken. It was delicious! Amara took her lunch box! When we were done, we took Amara and Fred home with us and left Fred’s parents to do some shopping.

We were off to make cookies!

Fred had never frosted cookies and he wasn’t “sure about this whole idea” at first but he got started and had a blast. They had fun coloring frosting and filling baggies. They gave most of the cookies a base coat of frosting to start and then started piling things on. Amara did her best to frost her fingers knowing that eventually Grandma would let her lick them. Fred may have gotten more frosting on the cutting board than he did on his cookies – at least in the beginning but they had fun! The cookies were wonderful works of art topped with all different colors of frosting and sugars and some eyeballs, too! I was amazed that they didn’t get more sugar and frosting on the floor – they did good!

Amara and Fred frosting cookies

We had dessert of cookies, coffee, milk and a chocolate cake I had made knowing they would take most of it home for munching while they are here for 2 weeks. (I was kicking myself this morning for not keeping at least ONE piece for breakfast this morning!) Fred’s Dad complimented him on the cookies and asked him if he was ready to go home to Oklahoma and make cookies for him? Fred is ready for the challenge!

We’ve created another cook!

11 thoughts on “More Fun with Fred

  1. Sandy

    It looks like the kids had a wonderful time and the cookies turned out beautiful! I’m so glad the 4 of you could get together again!!

    You didn’t tell us, did Fred sing for Amara? 🙂

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      No. Even though Amara begged, whined, chased him around the house and sang for us herself — Fred wouldn’t sing. Maybe next trip?

  2. Kimberly

    Lucky Fred. I can’t imagine never having decorated a cookie. That’s on order here a lot. I hope one day Amara leaves the lunch box at home. It took my daughter going abroad for several weeks( at 18), but finally she began to order something other than chicken fingers from the menu. Now, she eats everything.

  3. debra

    Meanwhile I am starting to feel like Fred is one of the family too 🙂 I hope they don’t live in the tornado zone part of Oklahoma ? The one that’s been cursed lately 🙁

    Anyway, no boy will refuse something to do with cookies once he wises up about the situation…: ) I bet he’ll want to do this again next visit for sure?

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      They haven’t been in the path of any of the hurricanes although they have had their share of storms.


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