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A few months ago Amara, Jenna and I went shopping to find Amara a new bike helmet for our house. Amara has her old bike here but she didn’t have a helmet here, which meant if she didn’t remember to bring it she couldn’t ride! There had already been some tears when the girls across the street were out riding and she couldn’t join them. We set out to remedy that problem.

She found the cutest pink helmet. Now you are probably thinking princess pink and very girlish because she is both but you would be wrong! It is pink with a big pink and yellow Mohawk on it! She liked her new helmet so much that she tried telling her Mommy and me that she was going to take it home and bring her old one over here! Since this was a gift from Grandma, her Mommy quickly set her straight.

The Pink and Purple Helmet

And so she has worked diligently to find every reason to wear her helmet. She wore it out in the backyard to smell the calla lilies. A pole could fall on your head. She wore it to play with her dolls and to work on crafts. The ceiling fan could fall down. She even made Grampy wear it! You have to keep him safe, too!

The New Helmet Collage

However, by far the most fun thing to do while wearing this new helmet is to have Grampy swing you! Swinging sounds so normal, this is much more than just your everyday swinging. Last year at Amara’s insistance, Grampy started seeing how high he could lift the swing so she could see how high she could go. Adding the helmet to the game gave it another dimension. Now he not only must pull her up as high as possible, during her first swing forward she must jump out of the swing and see how much height she can get while still managing to stick that landing. It is a cross between swinging and gymnastics.

Grandma’s role in this game has always been to photograph and video tape it. However, when the helmet was added it became my job to capture her in midair! You know I love a challenge! It is so much fun for me to watch the two of them playing together. She really loves her Grampy and the feeling is mutual.

The last time they were swinging and I was photographing I got inspired to play with Photoshop. So last weekend while she was having a blast with her other Grandma (she is lucky to have us both close by) and while I was missing her a lot, I created these.

Amara Out of Bounds
Amara Out of Bounds

She and Grampy both liked them. I bet the next time they are swinging Amara will request I make more!

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10 thoughts on “Multipurpose Helmet

  1. Joyce

    That helmet is really, really cool! And yes, I agree! It must be worn at all times for safety purposes! Like what if grandma’s enthusiasm behind the camera causes the lens to fall out? Amara might be standing directly beneath it! So cute – another smiley, happy-face visit to your fun, loving little corner of the world called “Amaraland!”

  2. Sandy

    That is a very cool helmet!! I’m glad she picked that one!!

    You did a great job on those photos!! I love how it looks like she’s jumping out of the photograph!! Even the shadow looks cool!! Great job, big sister!! xoxo

  3. Loy

    Amara’s new helmet is awesome! (Especially on Grampy! LOL) Also, sorry about Jenna’s award. That was really a rotten thing. Isn’t photoshop wonderful? Those mid-air shots are great!Happy St. Pat’s to you!

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    Wow! I never knew helmets had come such a long way. What an incredible head protector! Love it. And I love the way Amara has found plenty of uses for it. Great mid-air shots you caught there, Grandma! You and Photoshop are a great pair! 😀

  5. Connie

    I too love that helmet! Amara is so fun; she has such a fabulous imagination. I’m glad you like to take the photos….so we all can share 🙂 Thanks! I love seeing your happy family.


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