November Fun

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November is flying by and while Amara has spent the night with us the last 3 weekends, I haven’t taken the time to write about it. We have had lots of fun.

That first weekend started with Amara doing Karaoke for us. She sang My Little Pony⁄Minecraft songs. Those are her two new favorite things and combining them makes it awesome. Watching her sing a long song that she has memorized and not struggle with it makes it awesome for us. She is putting those speech struggles behind her. That weekend we rode bikes, blew bubbles and made pancakes. We just had fun spending time together.

Amara Sings Daddy Discord

Next was Veterans Day Weekend so we decide she should spend the night with us on Sunday night for a change. It meant I was confused about what day it was for the rest of the week! When she arrived, she said she hadn’t had art class that weekend and what she really wanted to do was draw. I am so glad she had tons of supplies here. Amara had brought her new Tablet along, too. She had saved the money to buy it for herself. She walked in clutching it tightly to her chest since she didn’t have a case for it yet. She proudly showed it to us and then spent the next few hours at the dining room table drawing images she found on the internet and chatting away with me. Later we watched a movie while we eat dinner. Jenna had sent Rice Krispy treats for dessert and I had so much fun watching Amara tell Grampy he could only have one at a time! She likes to boss him around and he loves to push her buttons! Her favorite line, “Grampy, you’re doing that thing again!” He loves doing that thing and we all end up laughing.

Monday morning Grampy and I got up to watch the news. It was Veterans Day and they were talking about all the places that were giving discounts to Vets. I suggested we go out for lunch! This is something we almost never do. Amara’s Daddy had to work that day but I called her Mommy to see if she would like to join us. She was taking advantage of her alone time to get lots done so the three of us went alone. We had a blast and it was all about Grampy! Amara sat next to him playing connect the dot games, cheating, grinning and just having a blast. It really was all about Grampy!

Veterans Day Lunch with Grampy

This weekend was more about me – actually, it was a long week of Amara, Jenna, me and school — plus a sleepover! I went with Jenna to morning drop off a couple of times last week. It really is fun to see how much these fourth graders are growing! Those girls have discovered boys! Friday I got to sell Fruit Pops for the PTA after school. This fundraiser has become so successful that the PTA does it every other Friday. You have to remember it is southern California and it was 75 here last Friday – not that kids care about temps when it comes to Fruit Pops! They have 3 stations selling them and one of the other Grandma Volunteers and I work a station together, we are the Grandma Team!

Friday night was also the free movie night and the PTA was screening Monsters University on the Athletic Field, complete with a taco vendor, Subway, beverage and snack tables and popcorn stands. It was the perfect family movie and one of the best parts was the Volunteer Badges that Jenna had created. She made them to look like the Monsters University student ID badges and had them strung on neon lanyards. I now have mine hanging on my office wall.

Our weekend was complete when Amara spent the night Saturday night. I had recorded “An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky” for us to watch. Amara and I have been talking a lot lately about making another trip to the American Girl Doll Store. Saige was the doll we went to pick up on our last trip. The AG catalog comes here and we sat on her bed together and went through it before watching the movie — which was wonderful! I love that her and her friends — while they are growing — are still into their dolls, too!

Sunday morning Amara spent some time working on a masterpiece for her Uncle Mark before we went out to ride our bikes, water the plumerias and see if the girls were home and up. They weren’t. 🙁 I asked Amara if her new Tablet — which she remembered to bring with her would take pictures. “Of course!” So she got her Tablet, I got my camera, and we set out to find a photo for each letter of the alphabet. We had great conversations as we walked the neighborhood. By the time we finally got to Z (for zone!), she decided she was hungry and wanted donuts! Why not? However, when we got home the girls were outside playing and donuts were quickly forgotten! She was off to play!

Amara and her Tablet out taking pictures from a to z

We sure are lucky Grandparents!

14 thoughts on “November Fun

  1. Olga

    From the last picture, it does look as though Amara is growing up. I do think it is so fun that she and her friends are still into dolls. It seems that some girls just grow up too fast and are into boys and make-up way too early.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It just amazes me how much she has grown in the last year. I keep saying each year with her is better than the one before it but it is. We have such great conversations. I wish I could keep her young forever, those teenage years will be here all to soon.

  2. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    What a wonderful couple of weekends you have had and more good memories stored. It is a sad state but we are past the American Girl Doll stage, and I’m not embarrassed to say I miss it. I am making six red holiday dresses for all six dolls so that every Christmas they can be dressed up while they are on display. She’s moved onto electronics and the next thing you know you’ll be shopping for nail polish. I use to spend all my time in the toy aisle but now it is the aisle with nail polish. Different stages, but you love every one of them because you love those special grandchildren.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I know that you are right and I do think of you often as I watch her — knowing that the doll stage will likely be a thing of the past by next year. I have been taking your advice and soaking up every minute that I can while being Grandma is still really cool!

  3. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    So much fun, I don’t even know where to begin! Love that Amara calls Grampy out on ‘that thing you do.’ So cute. And Minecraft songs? I had no idea there were SONGS for it. I must learn about Minecraft. Mostly, I think that Monsters University event is the coolest thing ever.

    Such fun at your place! And such fun reading bout it all.

  4. debra@ HOMESPUN

    Lots of fun going on here! 🙂 I think it is wonderful when the restaurants offer the free lunches for vets on Veteran’s Day.

    As a matter of fact my son did that with a friend that day. And then I got the call asking if the mama could drop Brent here and if I could pick up Kate after school as the guys had had a few beers, lol! 🙂

    I love the alphabet pictures part of this…what a great idea and it is good that you found zone or you’d have had to drop everything and take her to a zoo! 🙂

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      That is so funny because we have been talking for weeks about going to the Zoo on a Wednesday when they get out early and something keeps getting in the way!

  5. Joyce

    What wonderful times – so much fun and all experienced in just a few weekends! My daughter and Bree took Grandpa out for lunch on Veteran’s Day and she commented on how nice it was to see so many sweet elderly gentlemen wearing their service caps….very heartwarming to see them get the honor and respect they deserve!
    Of course I have said it before, but I so admire your dedication to Amara’s school. Grandmas in schools as volunteers benefits everybody!

  6. KImberly

    Our sixth graders are required to have an iPad and it is just amazing what all they can do with them. Nothing technological will ever match Grandma and Grandpa dates though.


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