Selling Cookies with Amara

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Last week one of the 1st grade teachers and one of the 3rd grade teachers from Amara’s school, along with one of their college friends presented a wonderful holiday program. The teachers had asked Jenna and Mo if they wanted to help and to make a little extra money for the PTA at the same time. That college friend of theirs has the most amazing Santa suit and he offered to play Santa for the students! Jenna and Mo set up a special area for him and they took and sold pictures for $1 of the students on Santa’s lap. Jenna had made special props for them to use and special signs to lead them to Santa when they arrived. She is so amazing! The children absolutely loved it. How cool that Santa, who didn’t even have a student at the school made it such a special evening for so many.

Amara and Santa

Jenna and Mo asked me if I wanted to help, too! The idea was to sell cookies, coffee and hot chocolate as the parents arrived and during the intermission. Jenna and I baked a ton of cookies. They set me up in the back of the media center and gave me a wonderful partner – Amara. We rocked. There were many times I was busy running back to the kitchen to brew another pot of coffee or a pot of hot water and she handled everything like a pro! That girl can sell, too! She was so much fun to watch. “What can I get for you?” “Do you want a cookie to go with that coffee?” “Do you want another cookie for your dollar, they are only fifty cents?” She never missed a beat telling them how much they owed and giving them back the correct change. A couple of the parents commented on how comfortable she was and how good she was at it! Mo said she was that way a few years ago selling Girl Scout cookies in the Mall. She is not the least bit intimidated! I had a blast! We were a great team.

Grandma Kc and Amara the Elf

The performance was amazing, too! Amara and I had a perfect view and no customers while the students were performing. They were so energetic and so animated! Even though I knew none of the students on stage, I loved it! Those are two exceptional teachers! They said they had wanted to do something like this for 3 years. I hope they will do it every year now. I would sure go help again! Especially if Amara is my partner!

The Christmas Friends

Merry Christmas Everyone!

14 thoughts on “Selling Cookies with Amara

  1. KImberly

    Such a great experience- interacting and dealing with the public, and hard to come by. I likely couldn’t turn down that smiling imp if I hated cookies and hot chocolate.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It really is a great school and those 2 teachers are certainly 2 of their best. They were as excited as the students and so proud of them! It was really neat to be part of it.

  2. Launna

    It sounds like you had a great Christmas, Amara sounds like such a sweet girl. I hope you have an amazing new year with lots of fun and love in it 🙂

  3. Sandy

    What a fun day for you all! It was a lot of work for everyone though! Cudos to everyone who put forth the effort to make the day a huge success!!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I forgot to mention that a couple of other Moms spent hours decorating the media center and the stage. It was so beautiful and festive. It really was a group effort but those 2 teachers went above and beyond! They sure earned my respect!

  4. Joyce

    Darling pictures of such a happy event! I’m not surprised that Amara is so self-confident. She’s been encouraged and supported since she was born. Those results don’t happen accidentally!
    And I’m so proud to see a grandma as such a pivotal part of a school’s fund raising effort. You are setting an excellent example for all of us. You’ve set up a challenge for me when the kids get older. I no longer consider myself “done” with volunteering in the classroom!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      The teachers and the schools that get you are going to be thrilled! You will have so much fun in the classroom doing crafts and all sorts of creative things! PLUS you have more than one grandchild so they are going to be even happier – the happiness factor is yet to be determined by the number of grandchildren you end up with and how close they are! I can see you now loading your car with enough supplies for 30 students to make Santa Clause windsocks and then driving south to another state to volunteer for an hour! You would do it – we know you would!


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