Turning Nine Part Two

Grandma Kc wrote this on April 29th, 2013 11 Replies

Amara’s slumber party celebrating her 9th birthday had taken place on Friday night. I knew that her parents had worked their tails off to get ready for it and wouldn’t get much, if any sleep, so we invited Amara to spend the night with us on Saturday night. This also meant she would wake up at our house on Sunday morning – her actual birthday!

Jenna and Justin knew that we had a big birthday surprise planned for Amara and that it was hiding in our garage. I had to keep her out of there on Friday so Amara knew there was something good hiding in there, too. I had it pretty well hidden and covered with a blanket but she was pretty good about not peeking! Once they arrived and were in the house, I ran and opened the garage door so that when we went out to look at our new fence we could turn her around and surprise her. She was definitely surprised! We got her a new bike that would live at our house! Her Mommy and Daddy had gotten ME a new bike for Christmas but I hadn’t been able to get Amara to ride with me because her old bike that she has here is JUST TOO SMALL! It doesn’t help that she had another growth spurt. She was just thrilled with her new bike! Now she could wear that awesome helmet on something besides the swing set! She and I rode up and down our street; even her Dad rode with her on my bike. We were all very impressed with how quickly she got comfortable on her bigger bike. I love that we are on a very quiet safe little cul-de-sac where we could stand out in the street and watch one another. We have a beautiful bike path that runs next to the golf course and that leads to one of her favorite parks. You can’t get to it from our street but there is access one block over and we are ready to take on that bike path next trip.

Amara and her new birthday bike

Now you have to remember that Amara was running on about 3 hours sleep because of the party the night before so we quickly put the bikes away, ordered a birthday pizza and settled in to watch “The Wizard of Oz”. We hadn’t seen it in a long time and we really enjoyed it – except I kept thinking Amara was going to fall asleep before it was over! I put her to bed much earlier than usual, read her a story and she played hide from Grandpa. We do have our rituals even when we are exhausted! As I was turning out her lights, she asked me if I would lie down next to her for a few minutes. She often does and I usually do but this time I think she was asleep before I even laid down! I thought at first she was pretending. She wasn’t!

We got up the next morning and rode our bikes for a little while. It was a beautiful day. Afterwards she worked on a craft one of the girls had given her while I got the kitchen ready to make the Monkey Bread she had requested for her birthday breakfast. Then we rode our bikes some more. She kept shaking her head and saying, “I can’t believe you bought me a new bike”. Jenna and Justin were coming over and we were going to have a wonderful birthday breakfast together. Jenna had brought over some leftover fruit from the party and Amara had a blast cutting it all up while I fried the bacon! She was thrilled I had gotten bacon!

It was a wonderful birthday weekend. I hope the new bike will get as much use as the swing set has!

11 thoughts on “Turning Nine Part Two

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      We are going to have so much fun together on them! Plus now she can ride with the girls across the street, too!

  1. Joyce

    This is so beautiful a story – everything about it! The focus here is on the joy of being together and looking out for one another with love and consideration. Sure, it’s a very, very nice bike – but material things take a far distant second place to what’s REALLY important in your remarkable family. Not just “lucky Amara” but “lucky ALL of you!”
    Happy 9th Birthday, Amara!

  2. Sandy

    What a wonderful birthday weekend! You two will have so much fun on those bikes and there will be many more sweet memories to come!!

  3. Olga

    What cherished times you have with your darling Amara. You are such wonderful grandparents and so blessed to have so much time with your grand daughter.

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    This is so sweet. I smiled the whole way through, imagining Amara’s excitement (and exhaustion!), the two of you zonking out on the bed then riding together the next day. So, so sweet, and a truly memorable birthday!

    *THIS* is why I wish my grandsons were local. You make it all sound so wonderful. ?

  5. Kimberly

    I love gifts that keep on giving and can imagine Amara and you and long bike rides and good conversations that just go on and on. What greater gift?

  6. Barbara

    9 years old – what a magical time of life! And who of us doesn’t remember getting a new bike? Hers is so cute – pink and al1!


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