When Jenna was Wronged

Grandma Kc wrote this on March 5th, 2013 11 Replies

Last week I told you about Amara receiving her STAR award and about the wonderful ceremony to present them. I explained that because so many students had done so well and because they know that there is always a large turnout for these awards they split the presentations up into groups so that everyone could find a seat or a place to stand. I don’t think I mentioned that only students who were to receive awards attended the ceremony.

As they were finishing the awards, a few of the parents started trying to get the attention of the Principal. Their child had not gotten their award. I didn’t count heads but I think there were three or four who were missed. Apparently, one page of the award results was left on the printer. The Principal and Vice Principal immediately announced the missed names, gave them their awards and made them take their place on the stage but it still wasn’t the same.

One of those parents was sitting behind us and she and Jenna were talking about it as the ceremony ended and Jenna said “You have to tell her what happened to me!” I don’t think Amara knows this story and Jenna says she doesn’t really remember it, she just remembers hearing me tell it. She says either she doesn’t remember or it scared her so bad that she has blocked it out. Jenna can get a bit dramatic.

I think Jenna was in either 4th or 5th grade (1984 or 1985) or going to elementary school in The Valley. Every month the teacher would give out awards and that particular month she had called to tell me that Jenna would be receiving the citizenship award. While we didn’t tell her she was going to get it we did tell all of her relatives and we all showed up that day looking our best! I do remember that it was a very beautiful day and they were doing the presentations on the playground.

We sat through all of the awards and they never called her name. Thank goodness, we hadn’t told her. She was surprised to see all of us there but we just played it off and at that moment, she knew nothing of what had gone wrong.

Then I went looking for her teacher! I wanted to know what had happened! She explained to me that she had “lost her list and so she made up a new one”! She did give Jenna a certificate after the fact but again it wasn’t the same.

Jenna and Kc 1985

Amara looks so much like her Mommy!

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11 thoughts on “When Jenna was Wronged

  1. Sarah

    It can not seem that important to a lot of others when that happens, but to the one who is left out, it is very significant and hurtful, even tho not intentionally done. It must have a profound effect if the story is still being told after all this time! I had a friend who did amazing volunteer work, and at an awards ceremony they left her out for special recognition, and she had no one to go forward for her on her behalf. She herself was very shy, so said nothing, I always felt her hurting heart whenever we talked about that time. No one likes to be forgotten! Thanks for sharing a sweet story!

  2. Joyce

    These awards ceremonies can be fraught with problems that end up hurting kids – and sometimes their parents even more! That’s why it’s important for the people in charge to really be careful about details.
    I am glad this principal invites only the award winners to the event. Years ago, on behalf of my kids’ classmates I effectively complained to put an end to an afternoon event that left some FIRST GRADERS in tears, not understanding why they didn’t get “a piece of paper” too. Can you believe a principal that dumb? Yes, this was 25 years ago and I’m still mad!
    Thanks for getting the message out, Kc! And you parents/grandparents? Stand up for your kids – and for those of parents too, who can’t or won’t!

  3. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    I feel the pain and it wasn’t my daughter or granddaughter, it was me just a few years ago. I had worked very hard in the Master Gardener program and attended months of classes and worked my many volunteer hours to earn the designation of Master Gardener. The announcement of new Master Gardeners and name tags were to be given out at the yearly conference. I dressed up and was all set to be recognized for my hard work except they forgot my name. All the other folks I was with kept asking me what happened, why hadn’t my name been called. It doesn’t matter how old you are when these type of events are held and you are forgotten – it still bothers you. I can laugh today but I didn’t find the humor then. And, by the way, may I say that you don’t look a bit of different today than you did in the picture with Jenna. It must be good clean living. 🙂

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    These kinds of things just break my heart. Good thing Jenna didn’t know in advance. It’s horrible when a child realizes they were “forgotten.”

    I think even worse are the competitions between kids when it’s clear the judging and such is unfair. My middle daughter clearly won the spelling bee one year but a mistake on the part of one judge meant the next in line was awarded. Horrible situation and it made it all too clear (at too early of an age, I thought, as she was in third grade) that life is not fair. Even teachers apologized, but the award still went to the other girl.


    So glad we grow up and don’t have to deal with such things. Or do we??

    You look so lovely in that photo. And, yes, Jenna and Amara could be twins. What a beautiful group of gals!


  5. Sandy

    The fact that Jenna doesn’t even remember this speaks to what a great parent you are, Kc. You spoke to her teacher and righted the wrong, but didn’t make a big scene about it, which would have made Jenna feel slighted. She was happy with her award even though it wasn’t presented in exactly the way it should have been.

    I love that picture of the two of you. Amara does look like her mommy did at that age. 🙂

  6. Kimberly

    Actually I’m relieved to hear only the ones rewarded attended. It isn’t that I don’t think those that work hard shouldn’t be rewarded, it just a couple of ones in my class who, no matter how hard they work, could accomplish that.

    As a teacher, that is the worst thing in the world when I somehow missed someone. In today’s classroom, teacher’s are under so much pressure, with such large classrooms, it is so easy to do. You feel terrible, the kid and the parents feel terrible, it’s just terrible. I do want a parent to say something to me and I want to fix as quickly as possible, but you are right, it isn’t the same as being called up with your peers. I thought the you in that picture was Jenna at first glance.

  7. Barbara

    A much better plan to have those receiving awards being the only ones in attendance. It’s so important to remember feelings and each and every little soul. What a sweet picture too! Glad to have had you stop in at The Empty Nest Mom – and what fun to find you here.

  8. Diane

    Thanks for sharing your story. How terrible to be forgotten. Things like that can really wound a child. Congrats on being nominated. I voted 🙂


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