Cupcake Pride

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Amara spent the night with us Saturday. We had a fun evening watching Home Alone – a movie I hadn’t seen in years and that Amara had never seen! She loved it and put in a request for Home Alone Two.

The problem was we woke up Sunday morning with no idea of what to do with ourselves. It was a beautiful day but it was really too early to go out and do anything. Then I got to thinking – scary, huh? I still have a lot of baking stuff out in the cupboards from Christmas like flour, sugar, mixes, cans, chip, nuts, etc. So I asked Amara if she wanted to bake something for the Nerds. Occasionally her Daddy has a bunch of his friends over “for gaming”. This is referred to as “the Nerds are coming”. Usually Mommy makes all sorts of appetizers for them and some sweets, too.

Amara jumped on the idea! Her face lit up! She knew exactly what she wanted to make, too – My Little Pony rainbow cupcakes. “I know how Grandma, I watched a YouTube video!” She is her Mother’s child! What makes this even funnier is the YouTube video she had watched was on the Nerdy Nummies channel! We have watched her cooking videos before to learn how to make things like Nyan Cat poptarts! She is fun and Amara loves her so why not!

I thought it best we watch the video together first so that I would know what I was getting myself into. She called dibs on my office chair – I got the wood one! She and Twiggy are always stealing my chair! We watched the video and checked the cupboard to make sure we had everything she would need. She got out the eggs and separated them all by herself. She has learned from me and Mommy to do them one at a time into a separate bowl so that no yolk or shell can sneak in! She measured the oil and water and started beating it with my little hand mixer.

Once she had the white cake batter ready it had to be split into six small bowls. This was the only thing she had me do for her as she thought I could get them more even. It was also an opportunity to lick the beaters, again her Mother’s child! She did all the rest on her own! She colored each bowl just the perfect shade. She had so much fun carefully adding batter of each color of the rainbow into the cupcake liners. As she finished each color, she would lick the spoon. There were at least three cupcakes in that child when she was done. Did I mention she is her Mother’s child? I was her Sous-Chef and as she finished each color, I wiped her counter clean and took her dirty equipment away. I told her it was my job! They were absolute works of art when she was done! She even set the timer on her new tablet — these were her cupcakes.

Amara making My Little Pony rainbow cupcakes

While we waited for them to bake, she asked me if I wanted to see her Shutterfly calendars that she has been working on. How could I resist that offer? Grampy and I were both impressed! She had gone through, found just the right background to go with each picture, and changed the layouts at least a hundred times! She had added titles to some of the months, too. She also used a copy of her own artwork that she had drawn when she was here a few months ago. What she needed from me was to figure out how to add her birthday and that of her My Little Pony friends from school! I love being needed.

When the timer went off the kitchen smelled wonderful! The only other thing Amara asked me to do was to take them out of the oven. She is a bit shy of the oven and we are OK with that! It seemed like a long 30 minutes before they were cool enough that we could frost them. I had a can of Pink Lemonade frosting that Amara thought would be perfect on them – topped with purple sprinkles! We ended up putting the frosting into a plastic bag and she frosted all of them herself!

I think this is the first time that Amara has ever been anxious to go home. Usually Mommy and Daddy pick her up but because the Nerds were coming I was going to deliver her. She knew someone would be there when we got there. She had packed her cupcakes, all except the two she left for me and Grampy, carefully into Tupperware. She carried them into the house with such pride! She couldn’t wait to show these off!

Amara frosting her My Little Pony rainbow cupcakes

Only one of Daddy’s friends had arrived but he and Daddy were both anxious to sample Amara’s cupcakes! They were amazed at the beautiful rainbow inside and that her rainbow colors were in perfect order. The pride on her face was just wonderful!

Monday was Amara’s first day of school after the long 3-week break. There were cupcakes leftover from the Nerds so her Mommy suggested that she take them to the office girls at school. This is something Jenna often does. Amara was just bursting with pride when she gave the cupcakes to them and explained that Mommy hadn’t made these, she had!

My cupboards are cleaner and my heart is certainly fuller!

19 thoughts on “Cupcake Pride

  1. sarah christian

    What a special and a wonderful time together with Amara. I want to add that each cupcake has so much love and caring in it, it has to be out of this world! Read every sentence and so admire your loving way with Amara in whatever you do. What a special all around girl she is becoming. Enjoyed the cooking session very much! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Judy@grandparentsplus2

    I love frosting so I always need cake for it to sit on. 🙂 And, what fun to watch Amara bake such beautiful cupcakes and then be able to share with an appreciative audience. She’s growing up Grandma. Beautiful and talented young lady.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Baking with her is a lot more fun than some of my crafting attempts! We do have fun playing together in the kitchen!

  3. debra@ HOMESPUN

    It is amazing what she can do all by herself now…these are outstanding and I love her sweet and proud ( more like happy triumphant 🙂 smile.

    I can SEE the restaurant chain now…Amara’s Rainbow Restaurant

    Rainbow desserts, Rainbow spaghetti, Rainbow Vegetables ( that’s easy…they don’t need colored ) and she just has to figure out how to color a chicken …or just keep it vegetarian. Wait. Chicken a la Orange with purple eggplant. Ok I am glad that I solved this for her!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      You are just too funny! But you left out Rainbow Pancakes – we are really good at those! We found a recipe for Tie-Dyed Monkey Bread – which could certainly be turned into Rainbow Monkey Bread!

      Rainbow Vegetables! Now that is funny. When it comes to vegetables she is her Mother AND her Father’s Child which means no veggies! Or very few! Eggplant! ha ha ha ha

  4. Joyce

    This is the sweetest story – in every way! I think this kind of creativity and self-confidence is what all of us parents and grandparents look forward to after years of guiding little hands to cleanly break eggs and follow directions. Amara’s results were perfect, and I also admire her generosity – another learned trait – thinking of others before herself. The amount of cupcake batter ingested doesn’t count, you know – every great chef needs to taste during the process!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      So she had eaten all this batter and while the cupcakes are baking she says to me “Grandma, would you pop me a toaster strudel?” Even I say No once and a while. I told her she’d had plenty of sugar already and she could have some cheese and an apple to soak some of it up! She laughed and was just glad I would let her have 3 slices!

  5. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    First let me say, I’m reading this before breakfast and now want a cupcake! Now!

    I love the idea of the gaming “nerds” noshing on My Little Pony cupcakes! Too funny.

    Amara has learned such great hobbies from Jenna and you: creating calendars, cooking… and more. Lifelong loves for her, I’m sure.

  6. belinda brock

    what a lovely post! those cupcakes are almost too pretty to eat, except that you did take pictures. interesting blend of old-fashioned baking/cleaning skills with that new-fangled technology ;-
    love how it so beautifully illustrates what i wrote about in my most recent post.

  7. Launna

    Awe KC… this was beautiful, it sounds like you had a lovely time…

    Valentina and I baked chocolate chip cookies together last week, she really enjoyed herself:)

    I hope you had a really great weekend 🙂


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