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Grandma Kc wrote this on November 7th, 2014 21 Replies

Now for the important stuff! Last time I told you about all the fun I’ve had at Amara’s school lately. This post is all about the fun we’ve been having with Amara at our house.

Amara jumping

One of the best things about living so close by is that we get to see Amara a lot. I got to pick Amara up from school a few times last month. If I am going to pick her up from school, I usually plan to do it on Wednesdays as they get out early on Wednesdays. Wednesday is also band day. This means that Grampy and I have gotten some spontaneous concerts. She loves her new trumpet and she is sure improving.

Amara playing her trumpet for Grandma and Grandpa

I picked her up the Wednesday before Halloween. We were going to make a Halloween surprise for Mommy, Daddy and Grampy! I had seen a cute idea online for Candy Corn Parfaits and we were going to make them! They were very simple, just pudding, cake and Reddi-Wip. Oh, and some candy corns to top them with! Jenna just loves candy corn. I made an orange cake (with extra electric orange food coloring of course) while she was in school so that it would be ready. I let her make the vanilla pudding with electric yellow food coloring. I smiled when she told me she, “had to be careful and not use to much or else you would be able to taste it”. I love that she knows this stuff! We made the candy corn parfaits in little Ball jars and they came out really cute although next time we would wait to whip them until right before serving as it did kind of melt. So we just added more!

Amara and her candy corn parfaits

Amara spent the night with us last Saturday night. She had brought a movie but Grampy vetoed watching Beauty and the Beast for the jillionth time! Lucky for Grampy I had been out on Netflix trying to find something else we could watch and had stumbled upon the old 1991-1994 TV series, Dinosaurs. Grampy and I had loved this series when it was on but we weren’t sure how Amara would feel about it. She seemed very skeptical of it at first and I told her she only had to watch one episode and if she hated it, we would never watch it again. When it finished she proclaimed, “I loved it!” and wanted to watch another episode!

Sunday morning I asked her what she wanted to do for breakfast and I suggested we might want to try making a coffee cake, something we hadn’t done yet. She liked the idea but what she really wanted was pancakes! So blue and purple pancakes it was! We followed that up with a bike ride. It was such a beautiful day and the sky was so pretty after the little bit of rain we had gotten.

“Now what?” “Do you want to bake something?” She finally decided she wanted to make cake, a white cake but colored every color of the rainbow! Why not? She got her batter all made and we had 6 bowls on the counter along with the 6 required food colors. Food colors are something I try to keep a lot of on hand. The only thing I was allowed to do in the making of this cake was to divide the batter into the bowls. She did everything else and made all of the decisions. I found some mini-M&Ms up in the cupboard. She carefully sorted them by color into 6 more small bowls.

When the cake was finally cooled, she topped it with some yummy buttercream frosting she had made. Then instead of using those M&Ms to make a rainbow or something she just started scattering them all over the cake! I asked her why she had bothered to sort them and she just grinned. I think she did it so she could eat a bunch when she thought Grandma wasn’t looking! There was not a clean bowl, utensil or piece of silverware anywhere in my kitchen when she left on Sunday. It was so worth it.

Amara and her rainbow cake collage

I also picked Amara up this Wednesday. She had started growing some crystals over the weekend and I wanted her to see how they were doing! Of course if I was going to pick her up we really ought to go have yogurt afterwards and so we did!

blue crystals growing in a bowl

I love that she is only one mile away!

21 thoughts on “Fun with Amara

  1. Joyce

    What fun! Grandkids like Amara just know the important thing is to have fun with grandma and clean bowls, utensils and silverware are simply not an issue! The parfaits look wonderful. So does the rainbow cake! But Amara? She is always so pretty and always so happy!
    I’m so glad you get to enjoy her as much as you do. Wish every child were as fortunate as she is!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      When she originally told me she wanted to use all the colors of the rainbow the Mom in me immediately thought it was too much but then the Grandma side of me kicked in and I thought why not? Does it matter if she uses all the colors and messes everything up? Nope! I really do try and let her have full control over these projects and I try hard not to squash her creative side!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I just know my own Grandmother is up there smiling down on us! I never really got a chance to cook with her thanks to my mother but my Grandma was a great cook. I like to think I am a good cook and I know Jenna is a really good cook so Amara is 4th generation! She is 5th generation camera nut!

  2. Sandy

    I love that you live so close to Amara and can have these everyday kinds of times with her. You do such a great job of making even the most ordinary times special. I love the parfait idea! They look and sound delicious. And the rainbow cake turned out so beautiful! What a great idea! How cool that she can bake a cake by herself!! You and her mom have taught her well!!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I am so glad we moved to get closer! It really is fun to just do the everyday stuff like pick her up from school – or bake a cake! Grandma N would be very proud of her talents!

  3. Launna

    Kc, I think it is so wonderful that you live so close to Amara and you can see her so much… xox

    I should do that multi colored cake with Valentina… I am sure it would be wild xox

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      Well the best thing about doing stuff together in the kitchen is that I get her full attention and we just talk! You can’t play games on your tablet while you are knee deep in flour and sugar!

  4. Lisa @ Grandma's Briefs

    A grand collection of great times! Those parfaits look delicious and making crystals is something I *must* remember to do with my grandsons next time. I also need to remember to introduce my middle grandson — the ultimate dinosaur fan — to the dinosaur series. I forgot all about that one!

    Best wishes for Amara’s continued rootin’ and tootin’ success on the trumpet!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I think I’ve enjoyed the crystals as much as she has and I would bet the boys would love watching them grow everyday.

      I love that the show The Dinosaurs has a little bit of education in each episode. The last one we watched was about “Hurling Day” when you throw the old dinosaurs into the tar pits, a tradition started by a dinosaur named La Brea! The La Brea Tar Bits are just an hour away from here and it gave me an opportunity to tell Amara about them. A teaching moment in the show!

      As for her trumpet, she is thrilled that the PTA is bringing in Brass Band Pacifica next week. I have a feeling it will motivate her even more!

  5. KImberly

    Ahhh, everything a mess, sorting into colors and then mixing them back up, a child after my own heart. I so do that very thing. You know, I don’t know that TV series. I’ll have to check it out.


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