A Great Week for Amara

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I think Amara had a great birthday week! It started with us putting her on the news and ended 6 days later her with her happy and exhausted! Her Mom & Dad were exhausted, too!

Since Amara’s birthday fell on Tuesday there was a big party planned for the weekend. That worked out great as Tuesday ended up being the day Jenna got her award from the School Board for being the Parent of the Year at Santiago. I was so excited that I could go with them! I have never been so proud! Amara was obviously proud of her Mom, too! As Jenna walked on stage, all of us were screaming and cheering for her! Two young girls sitting in front of us turned around to stare and Amara just beamed and said, “That’s my Mom”.

Jenna receiving her award for Parent of the Year

But that didn’t stop it from being Amara’s special day, too! We all have our routines when we come home and Amara’s is to head straight for her bedroom to put down her backpack and her trumpet. Her parents know this routine and when she got home from school Tuesday and headed to her room, you could hear her screams of delight almost to our house when she found her new purple bike in her bedroom!

Amara and her new purple bike

Wednesday Grampy and I picked her up after school and took her out for an ice cream. Amara and I made the plan to do this on the way to Mommy’s award ceremony and I asked if Amara could have two scoops and a waffle cone in honor of her birthday. Jenna said – in front of Amara – “when she is with you and Grampy I don’t care how many scoops she has!” I turned to look at Amara as she burst into a huge grin and held up 10 fingers! “10 scoops!” I thought 11 scoops for an eleven year old sounded even better and we all laughed! When we got to B&R, she decided she didn’t really think she could eat more than two scoops and this time she got a waffle bowl!

Amara and Grampy eating Baskin & Robins

When we left Baskin & Robbins to take Amara home I suddenly remembered that we needed to stop by the house before we took her home. I went in ahead of Amara and Grampy because I wanted to make sure that Twursula wasn’t lying on Amara’s bed. She was, I moved her, and she wasn’t at all happy. This was all a ruse so that we could give Amara her birthday gifts! She got all new My Little Pony sheets, comforter and reading pillow. Oh and two pairs of MLP PJs, too! The look on her face says it all!

Amara and her My Little Pony bedding

Saturday brought the big party! Amara and 9 of her friends at Boomers! having the time of their lives. Amara had actually won the party last year for raising the most money at Jog-a-thon but she hadn’t used it yet! Unfortunately, the party was cut short as it started to sprinkle. If you aren’t familiar with Boomers! the go-carts, bumper boats and miniature golf are the biggest attractions and when it started to sprinkle all of the outdoor attractions were shut down. Good news was they give all the kids passes to make up for it!

Amara and her birthday cupcakes at Boomers!

When the party ended Amara and 7 of her friends headed for Amara’s house and the slumber party! It was an evening of video games, movies, hot dogs and ice cream and apparently very little sleeping! They feasted on pancakes the next morning followed by one of Justin’s famous Orbeez Wars! It was beautiful outside Sunday morning and those girls had a blast pummeling Mr. Justin with those Orbeez!

Justin, the Orbeez Master

We didn’t get to go to the Imaginology Art Show this weekend but Amara did have one of her art pieces featured! She has had her art displayed in past years and we are always so proud of her. Thanks to Lois for getting us a picture of it.

Amara's art exhibit

It really was a great week to be Amara!

18 thoughts on “A Great Week for Amara

  1. Launna

    Kc, it sounds like such a wonderful week for Amara, I wish I could do something like that for Valentina… I am hoping to make her 16th birthday a really special one… we are having a small birthday this year 🙂

    How fun for the kids to drive on go carts, I was just telling Valentina about the ones here, we had planned to make it an activity this summer, I would like to take one of her friends so that she could really have fun.

    How wonderful of Jenna to win mother of the year, from everything you write and what I see on FaceBook, she truly deserves it… <3

    Have a great rest of the week xox

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      But you were hoping she would order 10 anyway so that you could try and help her finish them! Admit it!

  2. Joyce

    A great week to be Amara? I think that might just be the understatement of the year!! Wow! What a pretty girl she has grown into being, and how well she deserves the love and admiration she is surrounded with. She has wonderful, devoted parents, (including a mother wise enough to allow her multiple scoops when she’s with grandma and grampy!), a terrific group of fun friends and a school where everyone comes together to recognize service to others. And to top it all off, a lovely grandmother who is there to participate in her growth and record her journey!
    Happy Birthday, Amara! You are lovely in every way!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      That is me. I am the Historian! Trying to document all of this amazing journey and loving every minute of it!

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      I KNOW! Sometimes I look at her and I am just taken back by what a young lady she is becoming.

  3. Lisa at Grandma's Briefs

    This makes me so happy! The “That’s my mom!” quote gave me goosebumps. So sweet. Congrats to Jenna!

    And a full MLP get-up for the bed AND jammies! Fabulous. Amara is lovely and sweet. I hope granddaughters I have one day are just like her (but live near me!).

    Lovely photo of Grampy and Amara enjoying ice cream.

    Love, love, love the recap of a wonderful birthday week filled with family love. (Though you made me miss birthdays with my girls….)

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It all makes me happy, too! We may not take vacations together to Yellowstone or spend weekends at Disneyland but we get to see her ALL THE TIME! It is all the little hours here and there put together that make our life so great. I can’t wait until you have granddaughters!

  4. KImberly

    Good Times. So happy with the smiles about My Little Pony. Time to be grown up will last say longer than time to be a child. Hats off to Jenna for allowing your outings be your outings with your rules. She knows you are a trustworthy sort with her greatest treasure. That is a nice feeling.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      She and her 5th grade friends are growing so quickly and while there is talk of boys most of them still love the Ponies! So glad! She is growing up much to fast as it is.

  5. Sandy

    What a great way to celebrate turning 11 years old! The sad part is she’s growing up so fast! It’s kind of bittersweet seeing the years go by knowing these days of being little are fading – but yet so exciting to see her grow and mature right in front of our eyes! I’m so happy that you are documenting everything and keeping memories alive! What fun you’ll have someday reminiscing with Amara’s kids about these great times!! Love to everyone from Uncle Mark and Aunt Sandy!!! <3

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      She really is growing at light speed! She was here this morning and just watching her walk around the house doing things — she is not a little girl anymore. As for AmaraLand, when Amara has children and they come to Jenna as she does to me and want to hear stories about when their Mom was little they will all be here for Jenna to read to them as bedtime stories.

    1. Grandma Kc Post author

      It certainly was a fun week. I am so glad we live close by and can be a part of all of it.


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