My name is . I live in sunny Southern California with my hubby, Grandpa Richard and our two three cats, Twiggy, Twursula and now Shebee. We have an amazing granddaughter named Amara who turned 12 in April of 2016. This blog is all about her!

Amara is giving her Grandpa Richard a hug while Grandma Kc watches

When Amara was only a few months old her Grandpa made some joke about AmaraLand — we had seen some special about the Hollywood Land Sign. It was about this same time that I decided to take a Dreamweaver class so I purchased the domain name I built that first site in her honor and I have updated it many times since then.

But AmaraLand also came to have another meaning. When Amara was about 6 months old her Grandpa and I decided that 5 miles away was just too far away. So we found a great house exactly one mile from “The Kids”.
Amara's Mommy and Daddy
The house came complete with a great backyard and a swing set. We christened it AmaraLand. Amara shares it with the cats and we have spent many hours in AmaraLand playing and having fun.Amara and Twursula in the backyard.

In January of 2010 I decided needed to become a blog — a place where I could save all the memories and share them with my family and friends. I am still going back and adding posts that I call "Previously on Amara". These are old memories that I want to go back and document so that I never forget them. Fortunately I am very bad about cleaning out my email box, it is a trove of memories just waiting to be shared. I hope you come back and visit often.