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Amara has awesome parents who are very involved in her life which may explain why she is turning out so good!

When her Mommy was Right

Grandma Kc wrote this on July 27th, 2013 25 Replies

Recently my blog buddy Lisa over at Grandmas Briefs wrote about becoming “that Grandma”. It reminded me of an incident back in late May. I was helping Amara’s Mommy sell fruit-filled ice bars for the PTA after school. Jenna had already paid for fruit pops for us to have when we were done and one Read the Rest

When Jenna was Wronged

Grandma Kc wrote this on March 5th, 2013 11 Replies

Last week I told you about Amara receiving her STAR award and about the wonderful ceremony to present them. I explained that because so many students had done so well and because they know that there is always a large turnout for these awards they split the presentations up into groups so that everyone could Read the Rest

Helping Others

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 1st, 2012 11 Replies

Usually my posts on AmaraLand are about our personal adventures with Amara. I’m not sure I have ever posted anything here that was hearsay but I don’t want to ever forget this memory so I have to keep it here. Jenna, Amara’s Mommy and my awesome daughter, told me about what happened to her and Read the Rest

The Nightmare

Grandma Kc wrote this on December 2nd, 2011 15 Replies

The nightmare began 17 days ago. I’ve wanted to blog about it but I was waiting until there was some kind of end to the story. Amara’s school had another skating party. This time I was going with them but I wasn’t going to skate. I just wanted the chance to spend some time with Read the Rest

Hats off to Mommy and Daddy

Grandma Kc wrote this on July 29th, 2011 13 Replies

Long before Amara was ever born her Mommy had some very strong opinions on how children and parents should behave in public. I like to think that I played a role in her mindset. I think she remembers the time when as a 4 or 5 year old she was physically removed from a store Read the Rest

A Long Line of Cake People

Grandma Kc wrote this on October 18th, 2010 12 Replies

Awesome baking abilities run in the family and Amara is inheriting them. I remember what a wonderful cook my Grandma was and I like to think that I take after her. My real mother did not cook but my step-Mom Donna has won ribbons at the County Fair for the cakes she has decorated. I Read the Rest