Links I Enjoy

This is a list of some of the blogs I enjoy. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order as it is so hard to pick favorites — and I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. Plus you might rank them completely differently.

Here are my favorites Grandparents
While Susan no longer has a blog she still provides some of the best info around for grandparents of every country.

Confessions of a Grandma
Olga’s another Grandma who got both a grand daughter and a grand son!

Free Ranging Chickens and Grandchildren
Gramerly is not only a wonderful Grandma she is an amazing teacher, too! I love how she teaches her “wee ones” about chickens as well as sewing and math.

Frugal Little Bungalow
This blog is dedicated to small space living & small budget spending.

Googie’s Attic
I really love her insights on life. I especially love reading about her adventures with Sooby, her granddaughter!

Grams Made It
Vicki is a substitute school teacher and Grandmother to two very cute little girls. She also sews for the girls and has recently opened and Etsy Shop.

Gramcracker Crumbs
Isn’t that a wonderful name for a Grandma? Joan is a retired school teacher and loves her role as Grandma to five kiddos.

Grandma Honey’s House
Pamela is also know as Grandma Honey and she is an amazing cook! She loves spending time in the kitchen with one or more of her 13 grandchildren!

Grandma’s Briefs
Lisa’s blog is one of the best grandparenting blogs around and one of the first blogs I started to follow. She is a long distance Grandma to two wonderful boys and has a great sense of wit.

New England Garden and Thread
Gardening, quilting and camping with the grandkids in New England. Judy is a Master Gardener and posts amazing photos.

Mother 2 Mother
Real Talk For Real Women. Rhonda ia a Grandmother and a specialist on being a single Mom. She give great advice on parenting, gardening, shares recipes and reviews and frequently shares inspiration quotes.

This is Amara’s Grampy’s blog. Grampy has developed a new exercise idea called Jump Rock that is extreme jump rope set to music. Grampy is amazing and he can tell you how to stay healthy and enjoy old age!

Things my Grandkids Should Know
Bob’s blog was inspired by his son’s request that he write a letter to his grandchildren about the things he would like them to know about life. He started a blog instead.

What Happens at Grandma’s
Grandma J has a wonderful time with her grandchildren doing crafts, playing in the dirt, growing things and sewing. She is quite amazing!

Joy is a Grandmother, too but her blog is mostly about yummy food! Yesterfood is about how cooking connects us to each other and to the past.