Flying Eyeballs!

Grandma Kc wrote this on February 10th, 2010 8 Replies

One of my favorite memories from my own childhood is of my Grandpa giving me money to walk (run) to the Tastee Freeze and get an ice cream cone! A chocolate dipped ice cream cone if I had been very good. They were a dime back then!! There was a Tastee Freeze a block from my Grandparents and during the summer when we would go to their house — which was often as we lived in the same small town — I would get ice cream. I can still see my Grandpa fishing that dime out of his pants pockets – brown pants with cuffs and suspenders, he always wore suspenders.

I can still see that street and that Tastee Freeze stand in my mind. I loved walking down there by myself. I must have been 4 or 5 when I started going alone. It was a small town of less than 2,000 people and it never crossed anyone’s mind that this might not be safe. Times were different back then.

I really loved my Grandparents and I can remember all sorts of wonderful times at their house but going to visit in the summer was always better because of those ice cream cones. Which is why I hated it when the Tastee Freeeze was Closed for the Season. In that small town in Michigan not very many people would go out to get ice cream when it was10 degrees below. So they closed for the winter. I can remember each year thinking they were never going to re-open. I was not a very patient child, especially when it came to ice cream.

Now it is all about the ice cream truck. Amara can hear the music of the ice cream truck when it is still blocks away. Living in southern California it comes year round – and we indulge her year round. But she never gets to go alone. Grandpa and I always go with her and we usually get ice cream, too. The 3 of us will either sit on the front porch or the back patio enjoying the sunshine, our ice cream and each others’ company.

Amara with a Dora the Explorer Ice Cream Bar

Amara with a Tweety Bird Ice Cream Bar

Amara with a Sponge Bob Ice Cream Bar

Amara and her Ice Cream Bar
I think it was a Sponge Bob ice cream bar with blue gum ball eyes or it may have been a Dora the Explorer ice cream bar with black gum ball eyes that started all the silliness of flying eyeballs! Amara doesn’t like the gumballs they use for the eyeballs, they are pretty gross and so she asked Grandpa if he would “bite them off”. He bit off the gumball eyes and spit them into the grass!

Hence — Flying Eyeballs! Silly Grampy!!

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The Post Kodachrome Age

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I love living in the digital age. I love taking pictures of Amara and documenting every moment of her life. This was something I couldn’t afford to do with her own Mother. Times were much different back in the early 70s and there were many photographs that were never taken and others that were never developed because we just couldn’t afford it at the time. Taking pictures was expensive back then.

Amara and Grandpa reading together

Now, I never hesitate to take just one more picture. 95% of the pictures that I take will never be printed but they will also never be lost, nor will the memories they capture. Probably 75% of those pictures are of Amara and the people/animals in her life. These pictures are easily emailed to family and friends thousands of miles away. Those pictures have always been a critical part of  Amaraland – both the live version and the web version! They are the basis of many gifts — calendars, coasters, mugs and t-shirts to name a few. Can you tell that Grandma and Grandpa worship this kid?

One of the habits I got into early in Amara’s life was making sure we had batteries charged and ready to go before Amara came over. It happened once that I didn’t and even now I am sure there was the one perfect picture to be taken that day and I missed it. Katie talks about going out to do a photo shoot only to get in the field and find her camera turned on — her battery could have been dead! It only happened to me once. She got lucky and her battery wasn’t dead that day. I bet she never forgets to check in advance again.

I love my cameras. I love capturing pictures of Amara and her Grandpa reading a book or making silly faces. I love looking up from my computer to a wall of pictures of Amara and all of her fans. I have a great life as a Grandma and I am so glad I can capture it all in pixels!

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I’ve got a bad feeling about this

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Amara loves playing Star Wars. Amara loves pretty much anything Star Wars. She gets this from her Dad. She knows all the movies by heart and is also a huge fan of the Clone Wars – which for those of you who aren’t aware is a cartoon version and very well done.

Grandma Kc is not a big fan of Star Wars. I liked the movies and I have seen all of them at least once. Amara loves to bring movies over to watch when she spends the night and she made it her “goal” to educate Grandma on all of the different characters. I am forever getting myself in trouble when we “play” Star Wars because I forget what you call the Storm Troopers – I’m learning! And did you know there are 3 different Padmé Amidalas?

Star Wars Princesses

The other day Amara asked me if I wanted to play Star Wars – I said no, not really. She wanted to know why I didn’t want to and I told her I really didn’t know I just don’t like playing Star Wars and she turns to me and says:

“I think I’ve figured out why you don’t ‘ like playing Star Wars. It’s because I always make you play Darth Vader and you don’t like being the bad guy. SO – you can be Princess Leia  (this meant putting the hair in Cinnamon Buns) and Grandpa can be Darth Vader.”

And so the games continue…

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The Magic in a Backyard

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Amara was only a few months old when her Grandpa made some joke about AmaraLand — we had seen some special about the Hollywood Land Sign. It was about this same time that I decided to take a Dreamweaver class so I purchased the domain name  I built that first site in her honor and I have updated it 3 times since then.

But AmaraLand also came to have another meaning. When Amara was about 6 months old her Grandpa and I decided 5 miles away was just to far away. So we found a great house exactly one mile from “The Kids”. The house came complete with a great backyard and a swingset. We christened it AmaraLand. She shares it with the cats and we have spent many hours in AmaraLand playing and having fun.

Her swingset was replaced with a new on her 3rd birthday.

The wooden fence was replaced with a nice brick one in time for her 4th birthday — the wooden one had fallen over in a wind storm.

AmaraLand is the perfect size — big enough for playing Star Wars, big enough for a bouncy house and all her friends for all the birthday parties, big enough for her ladybug tent, big enough for fun with the sprinklers…. Princess Amara BelleAmaraLand is a pretty wonderful place — especially when Princess Amara is back there reigning over her kingdom.

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Best Job Ever!

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A friend once tried to explain to me why being a Grandma was so special. I just didn’t get it at the time. At the time she had 3 grand kids – I had none. They were great kids. I spent a lot of time with her and with them and I knew how special they were to her but what I didn’t get was the whole Grandparent Experience.

And then Amara came along. That was almost 6 years ago and life has sure changed. I’ve talked to other people about how great it is to be a grandparent and they always make some comment like “you get to have fun with them and then send them home”. That isn’t it at all. It is all about making memories. Every visit to Grandma and Grandpa’s is a chance for her to take home a new memory.  They are wonderful memories for us too and we cherish them.

I have great memories about my grandparents and all the fun things we did. I want that for Amara. So,  if it means we drop everything else to be part of her marching band then that is what we do. The dishes will be there after Mom and Dad take her home.

Amara and Grandma Kc Day 3

3 Day Old Amara

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